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Woodford Reserve Celebrates Female Bartenders

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Woodford Reserve Celebrates Female Bartenders

Singer, Entrepreneur, and Actress Rihanna once said, “there’s something so special about a woman who dominates in a man’s world. It takes a certain grace, strength, intelligence, fearlessness, and the nerve to never take no for an answer.” In the same way, it takes a group of strong, resilient professional women to succeed in a diminishing industry and to participate in its highly-anticipated revival. Because of the current state of the industry, it is all the more commendable that Woodford Reserve Miami Brand Ambassador Natalia Cardenas celebrates and empowers female bartenders to succeed despite the hardship caused by the global pandemic.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first female Jockey, Cardenas is currently organizing a trade-focused program that will feature five female bartenders and support Woodford’s industry partners during the age of Coronavirus. This year’s inspiration for Woodford Reserve’s Kentucky Derby’s annual $1,000 Mint Julep Cup will honor the first female jockey, Diane Crumb. At 20 years old, Crumb raced her thoroughbred horse Fathom into history. The honored bartenders include Meghan Wright (Beverage Consultant and Secretary of the Palm Beach Chapter of the United States Bartenders Guild), Shauna O’neil (Head Bartender of Sweet Liberty), Maria Pottage (Beverage Director of Leku) Kyshali Ramirez (Apothecary 330), and Sarah Sims (Stripsteak at the Fontainebleau Hotel). The focus on these impressive women legitimizes their hard work, dedication, and impressive skill set as well as reveals an appreciation for female professionals in a male-dominated industry. By highlighting these phenomenally talented women, Cardenas demonstrates the necessity of women in bars and supports an industry that was hard hit by the global pandemic. 

Headed by Cardenas, the team associated with this endeavor is made by and for women. This past Tuesday, September 1st, Andrea Stevens shot portraits of the female bartenders who will be featured with the 1K Mint Julep Cup. Stevens is a seasoned member of the hospitality industry who became a full-time photographer during the pandemic. According to the event coordinators, after the event, the 1k Mint Julep cup will be donated to the Pursue Happiness Foundation. This foundation is a “ Hospitality Industry-focused charity that recently launched in Miami in honor of John Lermayer.” Lermayer was a “foundational hospitality figure in South Florida, and partner of Sweet Liberty, one of the World’s 50 best bars.”

Cardenas will also offer a tasting/cocktail demo so that the bartenders can auction off the total experience to get the $1,000 prize (or more) in the future. 

Follow the recipe for this traditional cocktail at home to join in on the fun:

mint julep

The Diane Crump $1,000 Mint Julep


●2oz Woodford Reserve Bourbon

●3/4oz blackberry simple syrup (a nod to the blue/turquoise silks worn by Crump in 1970)

●1 bar spoon Woodford Reserve Mint Julep Syrup

●Mint sprig & Virginia BlueBell flowers to garnish (Ky Mint to celebrate Derby and Virginia flowers to honor Crump’s current home)


Pour in bourbon, blackberry syrup, mint syrup, crushed ice. Mix until frost forms on the outside of the julep cup. Add your mint sprig & flower garnish, top with more crushed ice


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