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Volcán De Mi Tierra Tequila introduces its Reposado

by Helena Jose

On Monday, November 16th Moët Hennessy’s Volcán De Mi Tierra unveiled its new hand-crafted Tequila, Volcán Reposado. Launched in 2017, Volcán De Mi Tierra became Moët Hennessy’s first Tequila, thus beginning a beautiful legacy, a part of which Volcán Reposado has recently become. Volcán De Mi Tierra created the new Reposado in collaboration with the prominent Gallardo family in Jalisco, who connects the product to its Mexican roots and brings recognition, resources, and respect to the new spirit. Crafted with intention, teamwork, and, above all, heart, this new Reposado is a stand out addition to an already impressive collection. The Volcán De Mi Tierra is known for its mantra of “100% Heart.” This mantra represents an emphasis on the “heart, care, and craftsmanship that is applied to each step of the deeply interconnected process of creating each and every bottle of Volcán Tequila.” The 100% Heart also reveals an appreciation for the “passion, dedication and commitment of each member of the Volcán family.” These key members include the growers in the agave fields, the distillery team, the Gallardo family, and the Volcán de mi Tierra brand team.

The Volcán Reposado also accompanies the Volcán Blanco and Cristalino Expressions, joining the prestigious Volcán De Mi Tierra assortment of super-premium Tequila. In addition to encapsulating the brand values of innovation, tradition, and integrity, this new expression boasts a flavorful union of agave, terroir, and wood. Volcán Reposado comes from 100% blue agave from the highlands of Jalisco. Its rich flavor is free of additives and each bottle contains a liquor that was aged for 135 days in American and European oak casks which distinguishes it from other brands. Both the Gallardo family and the Volcán brand team contributed their commitment and hard work to turn this project of passion and dedication into a product fit for joyous consumption.  

When enjoying the Volcán Reposado, drink it neat or with a large ice cube. Get Volcán Reposado for casual events, celebrations, or other special occasions at $55.00.  It is now finally available in Florida to taste at fine restaurants, bars, and fine retailers. For more updates and information, visit www.volcan.com or follow @volcantequila on Instagram.

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