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The Joker Bartender Creates New, Thrilling Consulting Company

by Kyandreia Jones

Will Estrada, The Joker Bartender himself, has created a beverage consulting company called Joker Bartender Bar Consulting. He leads a talented team that provides extensive industry knowledge that spans over thirty years. Will is an incredible force of creativity, ingenuity, and unlimited skills. This new venture has ignited a spark of talent, potential, and success that will bring a whole new vibe to the hospitality scene. “I didn’t use the name just because of the Joker character or because of the nickname I have,” clarified Will. “I thought about the name a lot because of the actual playing card. Everyone has the little ace under their sleeve. Well, I have a Joker undermine. It’s like the underdog card…The wild card.”

His decades-long insider knowledge takes his client’s bar and beverage businesses to new heights. With a proven work ethic, longevity, and passion, Will boasts an award-winning team of professionals who have collaborated with top chefs and restaurateurs in the hospitality industry. He also has over eight years of bar consulting experience to facilitate his ambitious, new venture. 

“Consulting is what I want to be doing,” said Will. In addition to being a bartender, Will has been consulting on a small scale for companies like Groot Hospitality. Will continues to collaborate with Groot. In fact, he just worked on a creative cocktail menu for Strawberry Moon. However, Will plans to focus more on consulting.  “I want to do my own thing,” said Will. “I want to be able to be more creative in a lot of ways.”

As a consultant, Will is eager to give bar and business owners the freedom that he himself craved when he was behind the bar. Now that he is calling the shots, he guides his clients to strengthen their vision through collaboration, communication, and creativity. “The Joker Bartender as a consulting company brings something different to the table. It brings something that opens a different door to what everyone else is doing. In other consulting companies, everything is really corporate. [My team] and I, we want to make it fun,” said Will. 

The Joker Bartender Consulting Company does everything from menu-making, staff training, organization support, etc. Will and his team talk to owners to support their goals for their hospitality businesses. Will discusses his client’s vision for their bar or restaurant and works with them to actualize their goals. Will not only brings their vision to life, he also adds his own personal touch to improve that vision. After being in the industry for nineteen years, Will knows what works and what doesn’t work. Yet, he values getting everyone involved. Instead of simply instructing his clients on what to do, he helps them build the skills, tools, and best practices to work together toward a common goal with confidence, expertise, and fun. 

Currently, Will is consulting a new mezcaleria. He is revamping the Speakeasy-like venue’s menu, style, service, and the bar itself. With his team, Will does everything from staff training to developing a very enticing, cocktail menu. Although they have a long way to go, Will and his team look forward to collaborating with companies both big and small. They want to get companies into better shape and support more thriving businesses in South Florida. 

For more news and updates on the Joker Bartender Consulting Company, go Instagram @the_joker_bartender or visit jokerbartender.com.  You may also email Will at info@jokerbartender.com.

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