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Santiago Vásquez Cuberos – The Antimixologist

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Santiago Vásquez Cuberos - The Antimixologist

Santiago Vásquez Cuberos is a true “Apasionado” for bartending. Originally from Colombia, his approach is unpretentious and focused on delivering excellent customer service by creating a full drinking experience for his clientele. As the creator of the Antimixologist brand, Santiago designs cocktail menus, develops new recipes and it’s also an instructor at Elite Bartending School. He also sells his cool merchandise online.

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What do you love the most about being a bartender?

SVC: What I love the most is the possibility of delivering an experience to my guests, It’s my pleasure to see them enjoy my creations.

How did the Antimixologist start?

SVC: It started as a rebellious way against places looking for a stereotype such a hipster’s, pretentious kids calling themself Mixologists, and not letting me have my own style. They forget we own our profession to the guests and the happiness we bring them with a Top service experience. That’s how the Antimixologist was born.

How do you get inspired to create drinks?

SVC: By recreating sensations. I use my joyful memories and go back to those happy moments such as my mother’s cooking or a Special Trip, I try to use similar flavors or senses as inspiration to create drinks that will take you to a special moment in your memories.

What would you say is your best Cocktail made so far?

SVC: To create a new cocktail that you can be satisfied can be very challenging, and time-consuming. You need to think out of the box. I like to make some classics with a twist like the Pineapple Gin Fizz. I’ve some other secret recipes that I’m saving for my own bar.

We heard about your eco-friendly approach in your bar, tell us what are you currently doing?

SVC: I’m currently adding different products like agave and pasta straws, always looking for different eco-friendly options for the to-go containers, bags, and utensils. Personally, I’m a big supporter of non-profits like Green Peace, Oceana and Ecosia, which I promote on my social media. Not only that is about being healthy as well, at the bar we have sugar cane sodas and fresh-made detox juices. You can enjoy our very own Bloody Mary (Red or Green) made out of fresh vegetables.

Where do you go for a drink?

SVC: I love to visit my friends on their amazing bars like Casa Florida, Le Sirenuse, Swizzle Rum Bar and last but not least, my kids (my team) at the Wynwood Diner & Cocktails.

What’s the Antimixologist is doing next?

SVC: A book. I have this idea in mind for a while now. I’m planning to start this year and it will include some of the best bartenders I’ve met and their cocktails, also some classics drinks, technical information, and some personal history.

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Pineapple Gin Fizz by Antimixologist

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