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Samantha Warren and Vianca Arias – Thirsty Bartenders

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Samantha Warren and Vianca Arias – Thirsty Bartenders

In addition to having the same birthday, Content Creators Samantha Warren and Vianca Arias bond over their energetic and positive approach to life, a love of creation, and a natural appreciation for entrepreneurship. This duo is so connected that they share a mind for business and the wherewithal to actualize their ambitious goals as a team. From bartending side by side to creating Thirsty Bartenders, there is little that these two women cannot do when given the time, space, and resources to deliver fresh, exciting content to over 38,000 followers. 

How did you two meet? What’s the story of Samantha and Vianca?

SW: We met in 2012 at a little Mexican bar called Tijuana Taxi Co. I started there as a server and worked my way up as a bartender. Vianca started as a hostess. She became a server and then a bartender.  I trained Vianca and showed her how to bartend. We’ve been working together ever since.

VA: After Tijuana, we decided to go to South Beach. We’ve been working together ever since we started at Tijuana taxi which is fun. Samantha has been my mentor ever since I met her. She has always been someone that I looked up to. She has this entrepreneurial mindset which I’ve always had. In high school, I would always say that I wanted to own my own business one day and do my own thing. 

What inspired you to start Thirsty Bartenders?

VA: Samantha and I would always talk about her ideas and when she told me about Thirsty Bartenders I thought, Damn, I want to do that! That sounds like fun! I want to hop in with you. That’s how Thirsty Bartenders was born. She had the idea and she invited me to join her. I was on board.

SW: We had such good chemistry behind the bar so we just decided to make a business out of our chemistry. 

How did you come up with the name “Thirsty Bartenders”?

SW: We thought of terms that were related to drinking. There were so many names that we went through. There is a website that you can go on and see if the name is available. “Thirsty Bartenders” was available across all platforms and it’s fun and flirty. 

VA: We tried so many names. I remember being behind the bar and going over a million names like “Barmaid” and “Missologist”. Then, we said no we’re bartenders and what’s a fun adjective? Thirsty and super fun. It’s playful. It’s risqué and you’re like what is “Thirsty Bartenders”?

What is the purpose/goal of Thirsty Bartenders?

SW: We love making people laugh. Humor has always been a big part of our relationship and how we are as bartenders. We’re fun and we love to bring that fun, bubbly laughter to other people. We want to entertain people. Another goal that we have is to eventually help other bartenders get jobs. We have yet to implement it but this is our future goal.

What are your favorite aspects of doing Thirsty Bartenders?

SW: My favorite aspect of the job is being creative. There is a lot that goes into it when we make our videos and cocktails. We have to figure out what goes well with making beautiful cocktails. 

VA: I would have to say the same. I love creating the cocktails and tasting it. The whole process is fun because we both get together and we’re like what goes good with what.  Then, we get to the other creative side which is how do we make it look pretty in front of a camera which is also a lot of fun. 

What are some challenges of doing Thirsty Bartenders?

SW: Some challenges that we have experienced doing Thirsty Bartenders are getting familiar with the camera (knowing the right type of lighting, and the right camera settings). Thankfully, I have my boyfriend who is also a videographer and who helps us. 

What brands have you worked with and what draws you to them?

SW: We have created content for our platform as well as for brands as well. We’ve worked closely with Twang Beer Salt which is based out of Texas. We fell in love with their product and they saw our video. We’ve been connected ever since.  We’ve worked with Twang and another brand that we hold close to our hearts which is Fifty States Vodka. We work with them and they are a beautiful brand. They represent a lot of the same beliefs that we do as far as on their website they represent the LGBTQ community and all races and beliefs are important to them as they are to us. They are a beautiful brand that we love working with. 

VA: Fifty States Vodka is based in Florida which we are also obsessed with. 

How have your followers influenced your craft?

SW: We sometimes make cocktails that are specific to some of our followers. For example, we have a follower that has been close to us from the beginning. We know that she loves Ciroc, watermelon cocktails so we made a Ciroc watermelon frozé for her.  That was a good cocktail and she loved it. We loved it. We have been building similar relationships with our followers. 

VA: Our followers inspire us when we’re creating cocktails. Sometimes we are inspired by other things but we love getting inspiration from our followers and doing what they want to see. We ask them what do you want us to make? Give us ideas!

What are your favorite drinks to make? Why?

SW: I haven’t made this in a while but I used to love re-creating candy bar flavor drinks. They were almost nostalgic when you tasted them you were like ‘Oh my God, yes!’ They would taste like a Milky Way or an Almond Joy…That used to be fun for me and layers cocktails are fun to make. They are eye-catching and people like to drink them.

Do you have any remarkable opportunities/ stories that have happened because of Thirsty Bartenders? If so, what are some of these experiences?

SW: The biggest opportunity that we had because of Thirsty Bartenders so far has been getting noticed by Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson. He reposted us on his Instagram and from that we’ve been acknowledged by many other brands. 

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How has COVID-19 affected you personally and professionally?

VA: Quarantine has been a blessing in disguise. For us, we needed the time to focus on Thirsty Bartenders because before we were working two jobs and doing Thirsty on the side. We both lost our jobs, we were working at the same job, and then we went gung-ho on Thirsty. Ever since a lot of cool things have happened and there’s been a momentum. Quarantine was the push that we needed. 

What, if anything, do you hope a Post COVID-19 Word resembles for you as a person and as a member of the hospitality industry?

SW: I hope it is similar to what we are doing now. We want to keep creating content and keep the ball rolling with this so the dollars start rolling in. I love bartender but working on our own thing is the dream. We want this to take off and to be financially stable by just creating content.   

What kind of services do Thirsty Bartenders offer?

VA:  If you need any sort of content creation with your brand and, if it involves alcohol or syrups that’s what we do. We create content for brands. If you have a brand that you need content for, hit us up! 

SW: We do have virtual events. We do lives on Instagram. We like to create content that is specific for brands, especially in the bar industry.  

To contact Samantha/Vianca or follow Thirsty Bartender’s journey:

Instagram: @thirstybartenders, @SammyThirsty, @ThirstyVee

Website: www.thirstybartenders.com

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