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National margarita Day by Casa Centinela

by Helena Jose

To celebrate National Margarita’s day your way, we bring you some awesome options to raise your glasses and cheers around our dearest city with Casa Centinela’s authentic Tequila. 

The Hacienda Casa Centinela, located in Arandas, Jalisco has been producing its own Tequila since 1904. It honors its origin artisanal process and follows the highest quality standards and values. Casa Centinela also offers a variety of products. For instance, the Clasico Blanco is a classic Tequila with fruity notes and a sweet flavor which makes it ideal for mixing. The Clasico Reposado is a Tequila that maintains the balance between flavor and aroma. This drink undergoes a slow production process in pot stills that give it a vanilla and oak flavor with golden notes and a medium body.

Casa Centinela also has a unique Extra Añejo Tequila specially made for the Mexican Spirit Apasionado. Eterno Cristalino is a 100% extra-aged agave Tequila that uses the best Casa Centinela agaves for its birth, which are aged for more than 36 months in select American white oak barrels. Then, it is carefully filtered to clarify and exalt its aromas and flavors. Eterno Cristalino has a true set of fragrances with a finish of nuts and jasmine. It offers a slightly sweet flavor without saturating the palate, making it preferable to be enjoyed as an aperitif, digestif, or slowly, savoring each sip without haste.

Here are the best places to enjoy each one of their expressions:

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Asiatiko, Aventura.

Choose your classic Margarita made with Clasico Blanco or Reposado. Open from 5:30 pm. 


Bakan, Wynwood.

Celebrate with Clasico Blanco Margaritas, and your favorite Mexican Dish. Open from 12 pm.


Doma, Wynwood.

Come for dinner, stay for the Margaritas with Clasico Tequila Blanco. Open from 5:30 pm

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Frontera Cocina. Orlando.

Order any Margartia flavor that you wish with Clasico Blanco at the “Cava del Tequila” inside the Mexican Pavilion, and celebrate with all the Mexican flair. Open from 12 pm. 


Four Seasons, Surfside.

There’s no better place to enjoy Centinela Eterno Tequila neat, but don’t forget it’s National Margarita Day so shake it up! Open from 5 pm


La Santa Taqueria, Little River.

Elevate your classic Margarita, ordering yours with Clasico reposado Tequila for an ultimate cocktail experience. Open from 12 pm.


Mesamar, Coral Gables.

Nothing pairs better than a fresh Margarita with Seafood, and Clasico Reposado. Open from 5 pm 


Orilla, South Beach.

Orilla is offering a very special signature Margarita created with Clasico Reposado Tequila, Open from 6 pm.

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Taco Box, Aventura.

Recently opened in Aventura, Tacobox offers the most delicious Margaritas and great vibes. Order yours with Clasico Blanco Tequila. Open from 12pm


Vista, Upper Buena Vista.

Enjoy Vista Signature cocktail “Palorita” Made with grapefruit, lime juice, triple sec, and Clasico Blanco Tequila. Open from 12 pm. 


Zucca, Coral Gables.

Cheer with style and Eterno Cristalino Margaritas. Open from 12 pm

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