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Montserrat Franco – The Tequila Lady

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Montserrat Franco - The Tequila Lady

With over 15 years within the hospitality industry, Montserrat’s experience spans a variety of different functions, from a buyer and head sommelier to the supplier side; from boutique wine and spirits suppliers to the largest privately held group in Italy as a Florida State Manager; she developed the Florida market growing the business by 80% in less than two years. She was awarded the T distinctive in Tequila by the Tequila Council (CRT)

Montserrat was instrumental in the launch of a number of products including a new category in spirits that rapidly was adopted by key mixologists in Miami; with over 200 cocktail recipes created and placed at menus in Florida and several experiential activations for consumers.

Montserrat’s local market knowledge, coupled with her dynamic personality and motivation, her ability to communicate in five different languages, love for Mexican distillates and culture gives her the possibility to share the soul of the brand with consumers and trade from the ground to bottle.

How did the Tequila Lady nickname start?

MF: I started #TequilaLady as a hashtag, I believe that in times of social media awareness everyone needs a hashtag to communicate what you do and to be found; Tequila Lady helped me connect with many other tequila and agave lovers around the world and is a tribute to continuing to empower women in the industry.

What do you enjoy the most about being an ambassador?

MF: I enjoy mostly the education part; sharing some knowledge and insights that only brand ambassadors have access to; brand ambassadors live and breathe the DNA of the brand so its great to share experiences, facts and the compelling story of Volcan.  Traveling is a plus, going back to the roots and birthplace of tequila is always refreshing.   

Who’s Monserrat Franco?

MF: I am a passionate individual who just goes deep into the source; for me, origin is important so I will always try to visualize the path and approach the source; I am a yoga and outdoors enthusiast; I love reading and exploring new places, meeting new cultures, tasting new foods and drinks in its original environment.

What are your current hobbies?

MF: I love arts and crafts; I am constantly learning, collecting textiles from all over Mexico and understanding the vast message behind each design; some of these embroideries on the designs came from caves (like in Tenango de Doria) and found inside ceremonial sites in Mayan temples (like in Chiapas) and Zapotec temples in Oaxaca.

If you were a Tequila cocktail which one would you be and why?

MF: If I was Tequila cocktail I will be a Paloma; fresh and cool.  If I was a tequila I will be a Blanco: peppery, citrusy and agave forward because I always like to taste the pure spirit before moving it to the barrel.

We love to see your Social Media so linked to Volcan de mi Tierra brand, we think Instagram is the new Linkedin. how do you feel about it?

MF: Instagram is definitely your best business card; if linked well to all of your sites and branding you just need to focus on one to have them posted everywhere; for me, it became a way to promote what I do and create awareness on the local level; to know the right time and hours of each post is as important as to know that your Instagram is your own canvas, especially your first 6 posts, that’s the first thing others see.
Linkedin will remain your professional site;  I try to share what’s relevant to the Industry and brand achievements as well on my Linkedin

What will be your new destination?

MF: You already know, some new part of Mexico 🙂



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