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Lora Nefiodchina – F&B Manager at Mandarin Oriental

by Helena Jose
Lora Nefiodchina - F&B Manager at Mandarin Oriental

Meet Lora, F & B Manager at Mo Bar, Mandarin Oriental, Miami. The gift of hospitality abounds
in her blood and has evolved among restaurants. She started her career at 18 years-old
inspired by her mother. “I love the ability to show how I see the world with different flavors” –
Lora expresses as a mixologist. She’s the mastermind behind Mo Bar’s new cocktail list, and
me, personally, a fan of her job. She does not only craft cocktails, but she styles them
beautifully. The presentations are a complete feast that combines the best aromas, flavors and
visual appeals. Each one of them has perfectly mixed notes, herbal tones, and spices. In a
quick chat, she tells us more about her.

What’s the best part of being a mixologist?

The best part of being a mixologist, I think is the ability to share with guests “things you like”. Ability to show how you see the world with different flavors.

What’s your favorite cocktail?

I don’t have a favorite one. There are specific liquors I like, for example, I love scotch and
mezcal. I always give a chance to new things. But if I go to the bar I will definitely try 1 classic
drink (Manhattan or Old Fashion) and a signature one its always great to try, to see, to learn. Of
course, I have flavors which I prefer

Do you prefer your cocktails Shaken or Stirred?

One of the burning questions at the bar. Me personally I prefer stirred.

What’s your favorite place to have a drink?

Besides liquors, I enjoy having a glass of wine. So most probably if I go somewhere it will be a wine bar or a classy bar similar style to MO Bar.

Do you prefer Wine, Cocktails, or Spirits?

It really depends, I love to try cocktails, but if the bar where I go is really busy I will choose wine
or liquor. Also if I will go to the restaurant most probably it will be wine.

If Miami would be a Cocktail… what would it be?

I would say it will be made with some tropical fruits and definitely I would add some spiciness.

Can you please describe the featuring Cocktail?

This is our ultimate gin and tonic – Ladies and GINtleman. We blend our own gin in-house to
give the balance of citrus and herbal notes. The cocktail can be described as Asian inspired cocktail,
we use sesame oil, anise stars, juniper berries, and yuzu tonic to highlight our connection with
Asian culture.

Screen Shot 2020 08 23 at 12.23.16 AM
Image by Dulce Escalante

Ladies and GINtelman

1.5oz Blended Gin
0.15oz Lemon juice

1 drop Sesame oil
Yuzu tonic



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