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Julep – Diplomatico Rum

by intelprise
Julep - Diplomatico Rum

Photo and recipe by Diplomatico Rum

50 ml Mantuano.
12,5 ml sugar cane syrup
Crushed ice
6 mint leaves

Glass: Julep cup

Ice: Crushed ice

Method: Add fresh mint directly to a tall glass, softly muddle and incorporate all ingredients, top off with ice and soda.

Garnish: Fresh Mint

The Mint Julep is originally prepared with bourbon and is directly associated with the Southern U.S culture and gastronomy. It became famous around the eighteenth century, more particularly linked with the grandly celebrated horse race, The Kentucky Derby. 
Try this Diplomático Mantuano twist, that will bring out hints of dried fruit and vanilla tones, resulting in a delightful cocktail easy to sip on.

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