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It’s Lit: Get Hot Tequila Fires Up Consumers with Award-Winning Premium Tequila and Golden Girl, Paulina Rubio as Brand Ambassador

by Kyandreia Jones

It’s getting hot in here. Get Hot Tequila is an award-winning tequila that boasts several achievements. The brand’s accomplishments reveal that the fiery product is more than qualified to live up to its bold name, Get Hot Tequila has won four medals for taste and quality (93 points). Gold Medal at the Denver International Spirits Festival and is the highest rated infused Tequila on Testings.com. In coming up with its memorable moniker, Get Hot Tequila founders wanted the name of their premium Tequila to inspire a favorable reaction within their global client, challenging consumers to “get hot” with a taste of their fine Tequila. It’s name, and fun, recognizable packaging, stand out among other Tequila brands. The care in its design reflects a product that also distinguishes itself through flavor and vision. 

Get Hot Tequila, distilled from the “El Olvido Rancho” (Forgetfulness Ranch) estate-grown agave, has won four medals for taste and quality. Founded in 1921, El Olvido Rancho is a family-owned ranchero and distillery. According to Get Hot Tequila’s website,  is located in Los Altos region of Jalisco, near the historic town of Arandas, Jalisco. True to its origins and humbled by its history, the El Olvido Ranch stays in the family. The ranch has been taken care of for over five generations and each generation maintains the impressive tradition of distilling spectacular, renowned, and long-established tequilas.

Get Hot Tequila bottle high resAt 40% ABV, Get Hot Tequila is a 100% Blue Agave tequila barrel-aged for six months and then hand-infused with Habanero pepper. The result is a premium Reposado that combined heat and playfulness. Mexcor International distributes Get Hot Tequila and pop superstar, Paulina Rubio, serves as the Brand Ambassador and beloved, Golden Girl. The Queen of Latin Pop muses that,“Get Hot is bold, recognizable and different, just like me.” The singer, songwriter, actress, model and businesswoman brings her luminous legacy, vibrant Mexican roots, and fervent flare to a brand that already sings and sizzles.

Ready to Get Hot? Customers may check out Get Hot Tequila’s website to buy the award-winning tequila and/or purchase fun recipes for drinks that look as delicious as they do beautiful. These drink recipes include El Picante, Get Hot Or Get Paloma, Hot Donkey (aka Ginger Mule), Get Hot Ranch Water,  Get Hot Skinny Minnie Margarita. For more information about Get Hot Tequila visit their website at https://gethottequila.com/ or follow Get Hot Tequila on Instagram @get_hot_tequila.

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