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Get Wild This Summer with Award-winning BASBAS Liqueur

by Kyandreia Jones

On Monday June 6th, BASBAS Herbal Liqueur entered the Miami market with an event that took place at Miami Beach’s stunning Orilla Restaurant. This event included a cocktail pairing dinner that Orilla’s Bar Manager, and multi-awarded bartender, Rodrigo Tubert curated himself. Rodrigo created three cocktails that the BASBAS concept and origin inspired. During the event, guests had the fortune of tasting the flavor-forward herbal liqueur while also enjoying Orilla’s scrumptious dishes. To set the tone for their meals, guests ordered Orilla’s burrata or empanadas. Dinner consisted of entrées such as a Arroz Negro, a whole Branzino and a New york Steak. For dessert, guests had their choice between flan and pavlova. However, the opportunity to try BASBAS, a super-premium hierbas made from naturally sourced wild herbs native to Ibiza, drew its own interest, excitement, and crowd.

BASBAS first distilled a variation in the 16th century. This variation was used as a remedy. The monks of Baleares fermented wild anise. Then, they extracted essential oils from herbs like rosemary, juniper, chamomile, and sage into the alcohol. Ibiza’s Carreró family have been protecting the recipe for generations. Centuries later, many toasts, meals, and celebrations in Ibiza and other Balearic Islands feature this spirit that had once been largely unknown to the outside world. From its humble beginnings, BASBAS rises to claim a multitude of accolades that show that not only has the liqueur reached countless more homes, events, and people, but also that it has been well received in these spaces.

 BASBAS has twenty-four, and counting, notable achievements such as the 2021 New York International Spirits Competition, 2021 Spanish Liqueur of the Year, 2021 World Drinks Award, 2021 Bartender Spirits Award, 2021 Denver International Spirits Competition -Spirits-, 2021 Denver International Spirits Competition -Design-, 2021 USA Spirit Ratings, 2021 New York Wine & Spirits Competition, 2021 International Wine & Spirits Competition, 2021 International Spirits Challenge, 2021 Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, 2021 Cathay Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Competition, and 2022 San Diego International Wine & Spirits Challenge. Recently, BASBAS received the Double Gold distinction at the International SIP Awards and the distinction of Spanish Liqueur of the Year at the New York International Spirits Competition.

The highly accredited and awarded herbal spirit is the perfect drink to elevate nights out or nights in. According to the liqueur’s website, BASBAS “is a multidimensional spirit that passes as an aperitif, moonlights as a digestif and exists somewhere in-between.” In both aesthetic and taste, BASBAS is a “smooth” and “bright” liquor that also possess a hint of sweetness. Its floral notes and “energetic,” “soul-warming” taste make it the perfect choice for the summer. It is an elegant drink that may bring people together and offers its consumers a taste of the wild. After all, “bas” means “wild” in the basque language of Euskera and, although its name represents the wild foraged herbs from which it is made, the word “wild” may also encompass the untamed jubilation and exhilaration prompted by a mere sip of the liqueur. 

Ready to taste the most awarded hierbas in the world? For a limited time, Batch 001 of the esteemed liquor is available in restaurants throughout Miami, New York City, Mexico City, and Ibiza as well as at masbasbas.com. One-of-a-kind BASBAS recipes are also featured on the BASBAS Instagram @drinkbasbas. 

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