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Feeling Tipsy?

by intelprise

Here’s a list of local Bars and Foundations that can use your help, feel free to donate any amount you can. Your support will be appreciated.

USBG  https://bit.ly/3bajVWq 

All Day Foundation https://bit.ly/2VwM9ny 

Bar Spanglish https://bit.ly/2XCgQKO 

Better days https://bit.ly/3anfkit 

Broken Shaker https://bit.ly/34BUlXP 

Cafe La Trova https://bit.ly/2V61eO6 

Esotico https://bit.ly/3enmGpe 

Sweet Liberty https://bit.ly/2zeQzYN

The Anderson https://bit.ly/2zbi2dS 

The Sylvester https://bit.ly/2K3BBXZ 

You’ll be soon able to tip your bartender directly as well, as we’ll be sharing their Venmo/Zelle account. Do you want to collaborate in any other way? Send us an email at ch[email protected] or DM us, we are open to suggestions. Thank you!

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