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Eric Tillis – The Traveling Bartender

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Eric Tillis - The Traveling Bartender

Eric Tillis, a Mixologist from Houston, Texas, decided to Venture off on his own, creating the brand The Traveling Bartender. A Mixology and Flair mobile Bartending service.

“Partnering with local DJs and party promoters, I began bartending small college parties and events. This led to meeting people from all over! They would fall in love with my drinks and insist I bartend for them, even though they were 500 miles away!”

Meet Eric Tillis and his story in this 10 questions interview.

Describe yourself in 5 words

Intelligent, adaptable, humble , creative, intuitive

What made you venture off your own and create your brand The Traveling Bartender?

After doing my first private event I loved the experience so I stayed at it studying hours on different concepts and styles, traveling around the United States experiencing different styles of craft cocktails.

How would you better describe your service?

A global brand started in east Texas now based out of Houston we provide a very unique experience to every guest. You want to see an ice block cut down into cube then stamped with a compass- our symbol that defines the brand “limitless direction”. Inspired from “The Blue Blazer” we roll flame cocktails from tin to tin , make drink spark like fireworks, and great show indeed. My favorite is flairing watching bottle twirling through the air, landing gently on my palm spinning perfect as I pour into tins. 

What do you enjoy the most as a bartender? creating the drinks, flair, or customer service?

I’d say customer service is first, a guest experience is very important to us. Following Japanese hospitality or omotenashi. The entertainment portion such as flair has taken years of practice.

What has been the best experience on the road so far?

Meeting great people from around the world, with a love for the craft of bartending.

Where do you find inspiration to create the cocktails? are they customize to each event? or do you have a cocktail list?

Rosemary, baby breath, lychee from Asia , bamboo leaves , elderflower, lavender, rhubarb , star anise, dragon fruit, ginger root and even truffles for us is either a perfect garnish or a the start of a delicious cocktail 

As an entrepreneur, you are not only a bartender but also a business owner, how do you manage to do it all?

God and a great team behind me

What has been the most challenging thing about starting a new business?

“First impression matter” when potentials clients first call us we make sure to listen to their every request. Then my team sit down and draws out the details of the event from ice selection, glassware, taste profile. We have set a high standard as far as the service of our guests! We make sure that every drink is uniform and consistency is key! 

What is the next step for you? 

 I’m currently working on a line of Hawthorne strainers that might be available by the end of August.

If you were a cocktail, which one would you be?

My favorite a cigar smoke infused old fashion with hand crafted bitters.

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You can contact Ellis through his social media accounts or a call.


Phone number: 346-217-0102

IG: @officialmixologyandflairig

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTravelingBartenderMixologyAndFlair


$1 per person/per hour

Contact him for out of the state fee.

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