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COW-ORK Offers A Shared Space Like No Other

by Kyandreia Jones

“If routine is killing your creativity, here’s your fuel. If you’re at the edge of a burnout, here’s your escape. If you want to reinvent yourself, here’s your chance.”

For those at COW-ORK, life is about finding balance. According to COW-ORK CEO Andrea Magni, the company introduces an “alternative idea of co-working that turns unused areas and/or slow working hours of restaurants, hotels, bars and more into co-working spaces.” This transformation allows freelancers, students, and home-workers to thrive in productive, shared spaces at an affordable price. COW-ORK also aims to address the concern of unfavorable working environments that are uninspiring, overwhelming, and expensive. “We strive to build a world where work, life, and leisure are strictly connected,” explained Magni. “COW-ORK provides a stress-free environment where ideas overflow, allowing cow-orkers to be hard-workers while still maintaining a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. ”  Unlike traditional workspaces, COW-ORK values giving freelancers and creatives a space that does not resemble the standard office environment. COW-ORK offers creative options to inspire and empower individuals who crave an exciting alternative to dreary, exhaustive routines. 

As an entrepreneur himself, Magni got the idea for COW-ORK after he frequented one of his favorite lunch spots. He found himself diligently working while he ate scrumptious dishes, sowing the seed of COW-ORK. He realized the value of cultivating a new fresh experience in every workday. Now, with his company, Freelancers, students, and creatives may enjoy a similar experience. These individuals may choose to work at the same venue or choose new places to complete tasks and actualize their goals. They may also thrive off the flexibility, liberty, and wonder that a traditional office space cannot reproduce. “A big part of our mission is also to help professionals and venues both socially and economically during these hard times, bringing affordable prices and exposure to the table,” shared Magni. “Our dream is to expand all over the world and offer a taste of freedom and inspiration to whoever wishes for more (than four walls, a desk, and a chair).” 

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After spending more than a year battling a global pandemic, the idea of more than four walls seems invaluable and enticing to anyone looking to break free of the confines of their typical routines. Fortunately, COW-ORK boasts a price that is hard to beat. “Our monthly membership only costs $89 per month, which is very competitive compared to any other co-working space in the city,” said Magni. “ It gives you access to all of our locations, discounts, Wi-fi, and events. When you apply to any other co-working space, it costs you more than $200, and you are restricted only to that place…but I guess they give you free water or kombucha.” It is also important to note that the $89 fee per month includes a free week trial with no financial commitment. COW-ORK proposes an early membership that is only $499 and allows buyers to save more than 50% of the yearly value.

In every partnering venue, there is Fiber-Fast Wi-fi that COW-ORK employees personally install. There is also an up to 30% discount on food and beverages. Despite COVID-19 limitations, COW-ORK offers unique events and a strong community of creatives, entrepreneurs, and independent workers who value making meaningful connections.  “We believe that brains are stimulated by exciting social interactions and the well-being of both body and mind. Such synergy will elevate human performance to a new level and eventually bring wonderful ideas to life,” said Magni. At COW-ORK, people will not necessarily share the same work perspectives, but they sure will share a way of living.”

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