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Bar La Real: Elevating your nightlife experience

by Kyandreia Jones

Let’s be real: caviar-topped cocktails are the perfect way to elevate a late-night experience.  Where may you find these cocktails? Discover Bar La Real which is located in the attic of a historic building in Downtown Miami (100 NE 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33132).  The bar thrives off its aptly named “Tropiglam” aesthetic which toes the “thin line between extravagant and elegant.” With its dark furniture, warm lightning, and dreamy decor, Bar La Real guests enter a rustic yet tropical realm accentuated by eye-catching colors and a calming ambiance.

As guests transverse the vivacious venue, they should make themselves comfortable and order one of Bar La Real’s house-based elixirs. These elixirs give guests and their taste buds the opportunity to go on an exciting journey of fruit caviar-topped concoctions designed to enchant the tongue. 

Haraiki 1The first elixir is called the Harakiri. Served in a tall, dashing, rose-shaped glass, the Harakiri is made with Tanqueray Orange, wasabi infused sake, rose liqueur, cranberry shrub, ginger shrub, rose syrup, lime juice, and rose caviar.  Not only do ingredients work to form a delicious taste, but also they do not diminish the concoction’s beauty. The photogenic cocktail boasts light pink, orange, and scarlet hues as well as the gorgeous garnishes, golden origami and thin sliced cucumber wrap around, that complete the aesthetic. The entire look amuses guests before the delight of the first sip. 

GOLD DIGGER BAR LA REALThe second elixir is called the Gold Digger. This honey-colored concoction is made with Ketel One, gold apricot vodka, date vodka, aloe vera juice, champagne, gold powder, and cantaloupe caviar. This treasured cocktail comes with white feather pick and gooseberry with dry leaf cocoon garnishes. Although more simple in appearance than its mesmerizing counterpart, the Gold Digger’s more basic design imparts a sense of refinement and dignity. 

Obsessed with Bar La Real after trying their cocktails? Bar La Real offers a late-night happy hour every Thursday & Friday from 9PM – 11PM. The happy hours feature half-off discounts on all their signature cocktails and 50% off top shelf drinks. These drinks include Macallan Double Malt Scotch, Casamigos Tequila, Tanqueray Gin, Brugal Rum, and Ketel One Vodka.

For my information about Bar La Real, visit their website at https://barlareal.com/ and follow them on Instagram @barlareal

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