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On Monday June 6th, BASBAS Herbal Liqueur entered the Miami market with an event that took place at Miami Beach’s stunning Orilla Restaurant. This event included a cocktail pairing dinner that Orilla’s Bar Manager, and multi-awarded bartender, Rodrigo Tubert curated himself. Rodrigo created three cocktails that the BASBAS concept and origin inspired. During the event, guests had the fortune of tasting the flavor-forward herbal liqueur while also enjoying Orilla’s scrumptious dishes. To set the tone for their meals, guests ordered Orilla’s burrata or empanadas. Dinner consisted of entrées such as a Arroz Negro, a whole Branzino and a New york Steak. For dessert, guests had their choice between flan and pavlova. However, the opportunity to try BASBAS, a super-premium hierbas made from naturally sourced wild herbs native to Ibiza, drew its own interest, excitement, and crowd.

BASBAS first distilled a variation in the 16th century. This variation was used as a remedy. The monks of Baleares fermented wild anise. Then, they extracted essential oils from herbs like rosemary, juniper, chamomile, and sage into the alcohol. Ibiza’s Carreró family have been protecting the recipe for generations. Centuries later, many toasts, meals, and celebrations in Ibiza and other Balearic Islands feature this spirit that had once been largely unknown to the outside world. From its humble beginnings, BASBAS rises to claim a multitude of accolades that show that not only has the liqueur reached countless more homes, events, and people, but also that it has been well received in these spaces.

 BASBAS has twenty-four, and counting, notable achievements such as the 2021 New York International Spirits Competition, 2021 Spanish Liqueur of the Year, 2021 World Drinks Award, 2021 Bartender Spirits Award, 2021 Denver International Spirits Competition -Spirits-, 2021 Denver International Spirits Competition -Design-, 2021 USA Spirit Ratings, 2021 New York Wine & Spirits Competition, 2021 International Wine & Spirits Competition, 2021 International Spirits Challenge, 2021 Ultimate Spirits Challenge, 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, 2021 Cathay Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Competition, and 2022 San Diego International Wine & Spirits Challenge. Recently, BASBAS received the Double Gold distinction at the International SIP Awards and the distinction of Spanish Liqueur of the Year at the New York International Spirits Competition.

The highly accredited and awarded herbal spirit is the perfect drink to elevate nights out or nights in. According to the liqueur’s website, BASBAS “is a multidimensional spirit that passes as an aperitif, moonlights as a digestif and exists somewhere in-between.” In both aesthetic and taste, BASBAS is a “smooth” and “bright” liquor that also possess a hint of sweetness. Its floral notes and “energetic,” “soul-warming” taste make it the perfect choice for the summer. It is an elegant drink that may bring people together and offers its consumers a taste of the wild. After all, “bas” means “wild” in the basque language of Euskera and, although its name represents the wild foraged herbs from which it is made, the word “wild” may also encompass the untamed jubilation and exhilaration prompted by a mere sip of the liqueur. 

Ready to taste the most awarded hierbas in the world? For a limited time, Batch 001 of the esteemed liquor is available in restaurants throughout Miami, New York City, Mexico City, and Ibiza as well as at masbasbas.com. One-of-a-kind BASBAS recipes are also featured on the BASBAS Instagram @drinkbasbas. 

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On Wednesday, June 1st, Delirio Tiki Bar by Swizzle opened its doors for the first time. However, this new concept thrives from its old roots of creativity, originality, and versatility that have long flourished on the premises. The Delirio Tiki Bar by Swizzle is an extension of the Swizzle Rum Bar Team’s established mark on Miami Beach. Conceptualized and executed by Founder of Swizzle Rum Bar & Drinkery Danilo Bozovic, his friends, and the whole Swizzle team, Delirio Tiki Bar is a fun spin on Tiki culture–––a culture originally native to Polynesia. This new bar concept stands out because of its Latin American-infused details, decor, drinks, and delirium

4158EE46 651D 4A6A AA50 9501BE8ACA4AIn addition to serving as the Founder of Swizzle Rum Bar & Drinkery, Danilo is also a beverage director, beverage consultant, and author. He is a Barkeep Book Author. the first one he write is Barkeep: The Guide to Becoming a Professional Bartender and the newest one Barkeep: The Art of Mixology, Bar & Cocktails. As a professional who wears many hats and has held several leadership positions, he is no stranger to the ins and outs of what makes a successful business capture the hearts and attention of its intended patrons. “The vision behind the new concept is Latin American-inspired Tiki. The tricky process is that I usually try to do concepts and projects that I am very excited about,” said Danilo.

By launching Delirio Tiki Bar by Swizzle, Danilo bravely takes on the challenge of creating something fresh and exciting in an era in which everything seems to have been done before. “Nowadays, when there’s a lot of things going on, it is hard to see something that you’re excited about…” continued Danilo. “My goal is to do as unique a concept as I can. In a market, and in a world, where everyone is interconnected through social media and everything, it is a bit harder to do.”

Danilo infuses the flavor, the soul, and the fun of Latin American culture into his new bar concept, adding a magical touch to his take on Tiki. In his approach to the design, which he handled himself, Danilo provides a darker look to contrast the gold accents throughout the venue. The wood is an integral component of the design, making the gold “pop” and hypnotizing those who enter the space. 

F74B8E27 CF86 4555 B297 0C98CE3B2152From the most noticeable detail-oriented features to the more subtle nuances, Danilo demonstrates an awareness of appearance’s influence on experience. “I try to do what I think is best for the space, and I try to envision how the operation goes…Not necessarily feng shui but something in that order where the colors and the materials make you feel a certain way,” he explained. 

Because Danilo has a sense of the space and how guests may interact with it, he also elevates the guests’ experience of the venue and everything else the bar has to offer. For example, the physical environment and decorations affect the manner in which guests respond to certain drinks, the type of energy guests hope to get out of the bar, and the type of vibrancy they put back into it. 

Understanding the way in which a place’s design functions in making or breaking an experience allows Danilo to better curate his guests’ fun days and nights out. In conceptualizing his designs,  so too, he considers the drinks, the concept, and the music. Danilo said, “It’s all kind of connected…It helps because when I do the menu, then I know what could work, what doesn’t work, what’s too much, what’s not too much, what’s too little, what’s not good enough and so on.” 

Danilo keeps the same classic approach and mixology that he inherited from working with Employees Only. He maintains the technique that goes into making cocktails while also translating and adjusting his techniques to elevate the Tiki concept. “I really had fun with this project,” said Danilo when asked about the Delirio Tiki Bar by Swizzle’s beverage program. 

Danilo continued, “It’s a limited cocktail menu but I wanted it to be super profound. I wanted to incorporate dulce de leche. We have a Dulce de Leche Old Fashion…It’s a dulce de leche wash and a Venezuelan Santa Teresa Rum and then we have a hundred proof bourbon. We’re sticking to the classic style which is the American Speakeasy style but also incorporating the flavor. That’s going to be a stirred drink. Very popular. Very nice. It’s quite delicious. I am very happy with how it turned out.”

FE0AE75E 0BFC 481E AE69 F5B593ADDE46Danilo brings guests into his vision, his Belle Epoque of the Tiki culture in Latin America, his fictional musing, with the tastes of each of his eight cocktails. An example of the kind of cocktails guests can expect is the Zombielicious Hibiscus, it has pineapple-charred and Ojo De Tigre Mezcal, The Pretty Mama Swizzle made with a rum from Belize. There is also a cocktail made with rum from Bolivia, one made from Foreign Liquor from Mexico with salted blood orange, and a unique clarified punch, among other balanced, rich, and fun creations. There is even a cocktail to pay tribute to Miami called Miami Vice. It is a Brugal 1888 Rum based cocktail with a cacao liqueur that the Swizzle team makes themselves and Aguardiente Foam.

Ready to experience the magical touch of a new take on Tiki? Visit Delirio Tiki Bar by Swizzle at 1120 Collins Ave in the Viajero Hostel. Enjoy a cocktail or a ceviche by the pool and some eats such as coconut shrimp, burgers, wings, fries, etc. Every day from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Delirio Tiki Bar by Swizzle will offer a Happy Hour that is open to the public. This offer includes two cocktails. Also, there will be a  FSM, or First Sunday Month, event which is an industry dedicated day from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. During this event,  industry colleagues have an opportunity to come and enjoy Happy Hour cocktails, complimentary food by Daniel Roy, the pool and a live day-time DJ. For more information about Delirio Tiki Bar by Swizzle, follow the Swizzle Rum Bar & Drinkery on Instagram at @Delirio_tiki_byswizzle or visit their website at https://www.swizzlerumbardrinkery.com/.

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With a strong chemistry background, Rodrigo Tubert is a multi award-winning Argentinean bartender that has been in the Miami hospitality scene for two years. His style focuses on simplicity and unexpected techniques, incorporating science in every one of his cocktails. He has been awarded Best Bartender in Argentina, won Most Imaginative Bartender for Latin America and the Caribbean and recently received the “Best Miami Cantinero” award. He also represented iconic brands like Bombay Sapphire and Chivas Regal. Rodrigo is currently the bar manager for Orilla which is a celebrated bar and grill restaurant in Miami. Orilla was recently nominated for Tale of the Cocktails’s Best Hotel Bar in the U.S. Rodrigo incorporates his passion for service and delicious cocktails in every glass he serves. His charismatic personality and infectious energy make him as lovable and memorable as the experience of being served by him.

Tell us about your beginnings in the Hospitality industry?

Ever since I was a child I’ve always been super interested in the hospitality industry. I was one of those kids that followed the waiters to the kitchen just to see “the magic happen.” My parents weren’t surprised when I took a part-time server job while I was still studying chemistry in college. 

OrillaApril2022 45How long have you been a bartender?

After a beautiful succession of amazing coincidences I started working behind the bar 11 years ago. I completely fell in love with it: the freedom to exploit my creativity and the power of changing somebody’s day with just a cocktail and a smile amazed me. I still have the same childish excitement every time I see a customer come back to the bar.

What’s your favorite part of your role? Creation? Education?

I think my favorite part of it is that it’s a beautiful and balanced combination of all those things. This profession lets you not only be as creative as you can be but also you can input different passions of yours into it in a really clean and natural way. For example, I’m really passionate about chemistry and science but I could never spend my days in a lab, so I input my chemistry knowledge, in as many ways as I can, in my cocktail programs. Also, there’s the human factor. I love being a host and doing my best to exceed our customers’ needs and helping make a memorable moment. Recently, I’ve found that education gives me a lot of satisfaction too. I’ve founded a bartending academy called “Sin Chamuyo” ( that translates to “no lies” ) where I teach home bartenders, professional mixologists and even master distillers the art of mixing drinks. We created a beautiful community that expands every day and fills me with a lot of joy.

OrillaApril2022 42How was your transition moving into Miami and not knowing anybody? 

Who doesn’t love a good challenge? I’d be lying if I said that it was easy. It wasn’t easy, but America has always been THE authority in cocktail making and I wanted to experience that myself. I left everything behind, not only family and friends but also a lifetime of awards and reputation. During that time, I was awarded “Best Bartender in Argentina,” “Best Bar Team,” and won “Most Imaginative Bartender in Latin America & The Caribbean,” so the decision was hard to make. I’ve always trusted my gut so when the opportunity appeared, I did not hesitate.   Even though I didn’t know anybody, Miami’s bartender community welcomed me with open arms. I can’t ever be grateful enough to this industry and the amazing people that helped me along the way. I’ve found a new family many miles away from home.

OrillaApril2022 46As the Bar Manager in Orilla, what have been the biggest challenges that you have encountered?

As I said before, I love challenges and, in the first months, I had to learn a lot, not only about laws and regulations but also adapting myself to a different culture.

After only 2 years, Orilla was recently nominated for Tales of the Cocktails for Best US hotel bar. How do you feel about it? What other achievements have you accomplished?

It’s been an amazing journey and we love to see that our customers and the press and these incredible organizations recognize our hard work. I won a couple of recognitions like the “Cantinero award” by Bacardí and the “Danielle’s choice” at Art of Tiki. With Orilla, we’ve been selected as one of the best Bars in South Beach and one of the best martinis in the city by The Infatuation, but this recognition by Tales of The Cocktail left me speechless. It’s an amazing feeling to see the results of your and your team’s hard work and passion for this project. We want to keep working on delivering exceptional drinking experiences while maintaining the impeccable service that our guests appreciate so much.

OrillaApril2022 56What are your next personal goals? 

With Urbanica The Hotels, we recently opened Editor Pizza, a fantastic “Brooklyn style” pizzeria that I’m super excited about and we have at least two more projects coming soon, be ready because they are going to be amazing. On a personal note, there are beautiful things coming but I prefer not to talk too much before they become a reality. They are going to include amazing cocktails, science and education. I can’t say anything else.

For more updates about Rodrigo Tubert or Orilla, follow him and his journey on Instagram @tubert and @orilla.miami.

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Looking for a place to shed your 9-to-5 self and let your fun, alter-ego strut their stuff? Jason Odio and Marcelo Medina’s nightclub La Otra might be the perfect place to unleash that other self, let go of stress, worry, and fear and simply have some much deserved fun. Jason Odio and Marcelo Medina are arguably two of Miami’s most influential entrepreneurs and they are shaking up Wynwood’s nightlife with an elevated nightclub experience. The Miami-industry based leaders’s latest venture offers delicious craft cocktails, unbeatable vibes, and gorgeous aesthetics that are sure to complement and entice both new and loyal clubbers. With its two incredible, seasoned leaders at the helm, La Otra also sets the tone for the exciting evolution of Miami’s immensely entertaining nightlife. 

How did Jason get into the hospitality industry? What drew Marcelo to the industry?

Jason: I got into hospitality from being around it at a young age. My father’s core business was commercial construction. He was very social which led him to building most of the nightclubs and high end restaurants on South Beach in the 90’s and early 2000’s. That led him to owning a few different concepts himself. From there, I started working for Roman Jones who was a close family friend while I was in high school. In 2014, I decided to try my hand at my own hospitality venture and opened Sidebar. 

Marcelo: From a young age, I was always drawn to throwing parties and bringing people together. I started hosting high school parties with my friends and DJing at different events…Those days are long gone. I then began our promotions company, MAGMIAMI and started throwing the best Latin parties in Miami which are still in effect today.

A7307295How did these two awesome masterminds join forces? 

J: Funny enough, we’ve both worked in this industry for a long time and have a lot of mutual friends. Yet, we never met until another industry veteran, Aramis Lorie, introduced us when we were making decisions on the future of Sidebar.

M: We instantly clicked and La Otra was born.

According to Jason and Marcelo, what is the recipe for a successful partnership? Or, put differently, how does each person complement the other to enrich their business ventures?

Jason: I think the recipe for any successful relationship, business or personal, is communication and respect. Luckily for us, we have plenty of both. We are also very complementary to each other when it comes to our respective worlds and our strengths in business.

Marcelo: Respect and loyalty to each other and to what you’re building, understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses and working as a team, hyping each other up and constantly supporting one another.

A7307161 1Jason, you have several hospitality ventures. What inspires you to take on a new project? What do your ventures have in common? How are they unique? What are you most proud of when it comes to the impact you are having on Miami’s hospitality industry? What challenges have you faced?

I think everything I’ve been a part of has been unique. However, they all have the same core value of adding something good to the Miami hospitality landscape. I’m proud to be from Miami and a part of its growth, especially in hospitality. I think one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced is being naive when giving people an opportunity and also navigating personalities/egos that fuel a big part of our business. 

Marcelo, you built La Otra with your family. What was that experience like? What did you learn about the business by making your loved ones a part of it?

We have always worked together and have multiple ventures together. The biggest challenge is not taking things personally and being highly aware that our interests are in the same place. Being impartial and open to new ideas makes things flow a lot faster. There’s also an inferred trust in doing things which takes a lot of the stress away. We respect each other as individuals and we all thrive in very different areas which eventually all complement each other. I also saw another side of the industry because their perspectives brought new and fresh ideas to the way I managed things by myself and, of course, this was such a big addition to the dynamic.

You both have your hearts based in family which is a beautiful value and characteristic to impart on your community. How are your businesses like families themselves? How does your appreciation for family relate to your treatment of those around you in the business and beyond?

J: Like I mentioned before, we believe this is one of the more important parts of our business. We love to see our family grow, learn and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Historically, especially in nightlife, there wasn’t much hospitality. Staff was treated poorly and constantly yelled at or belittled. Guests were treated poorly and almost had to beg to get a door person’s attention or wait forever to get a bartender’s attention. We’ve been on the receiving end of this, and we have made it our goal to make sure no one undergoes any of those experiences at La Otra. 

M: The core of our business is family and we certainly work in an ambience of closeness and total confidence. I think this kind of partnership brings out the best of us and it’s so important to us. Not only because it’s our job,  but also because this vibe is fully transmitted to the club, which translates directly into our parties and the guests who frequent them. 

A7307187As two of Miami’s most inspirational entrepreneurs, it’s significant to ask: who inspires you? What inspires you? What prompts you to move from the inspiration phase to the creative/ entrepreneurial phase? Discuss your process.

We believe in getting excited about the possibilities. Seeing a space come to life while it’s a blank canvas. How is the neighborhood going to react? How do we complement it? Envisioning our friends who inspire us and how they would receive it. The music playing, the warm spot lights dimmed just right over every table, the reaction after trying our food or drinks. Once we wrap our heads around that, it’s putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Like other things, we want it to be unique. I don’t think there’s an exact formula to the process, more of a feeling of how we’re going to achieve what we want. We reset completely when starting a new concept and think of how much fun people will have, we think of every detail.

What’s the key to evolving with Miami’s nightlife and keeping up with its many changes and developments? How do you keep your finger on the pulse of SoFlo culture?

J: Miami is changing, undoubtedly, and Marcelo does a great job of mentoring the next wave of nightlife entrepreneurs. We do our best to stay active visiting other venues, events, parties, etc. We also enjoy traveling when we can and that helps us to understand what other cities are doing well and how we can implement that in our businesses. 

Each location has a personality that you two obviously know how to introduce to your audiences and attendees. What goes into the process of attracting a diverse clientele while also respecting, honoring, and taking advantage of the location/ event space?

Like we mentioned previously, we both come from different worlds, even though they overlap a lot of times, which makes our crowd unique and complimentary. Even though Miami is predominantly Latin, we have guests that have lived here all their lives and never been to a “Latin club” but enjoy and frequent La Otra. Our range of programming helps bring diversity but they keep the same intention of a quality experience.

What inspired La Otra’s name, aesthetic, and overall vibe?

J: I think we were inspired differently by the name. Personally, I loved it because it wasn’t Sidebar anymore it was, the other club. I kept it light hearted and not so serious. 

M: In my opinion, La Otra is not the side chick everyone talks about, but rather the playful girl that comes to our club, leaving all the stress behind and bringing up the highest version of ourselves, kind of like an alter-ego.

What sets La Otra apart from other bars/ nightclubs in Wynwood? How does it fit into the fabric of one of Miami’s most “happening” districts? 

One of the first things that sets it apart is that we are able to stay open until 5 am, while the rest of Wynwood closes at 3 am. Most of the other bars in Wynwood have a more casual approach and we went for a place that would have typically been seen on South Beach twenty years ago. We like to see our guests wear their best outfits for a Saturday night of dancing. We believe that Wynwood has something to offer to a broad range of people, and that’s what makes it so attractive.

You have both a beautiful bar and a thrilling nightclub. To what extent have you considered people’s desire to get up, dance, and mingle as well as enjoy a craft cocktail in an intimate space? How  does this “best of both worlds” element relate to the evolution of nightlife?  

La Otra has both a large outdoor and indoor space, and we want people to feel welcomed even if they’re the first ones there to take advantage of one of our craft cocktails. No one likes to be the first person at the club but we’ve created inviting nooks with plenty of foliage and warm textures to make people feel comfortable. Those same benches that you can lounge on you’ll eventually stand on and dance your heart out. Nightclubs have evolved a lot from the days of “smoke & mirrors”. People aren’t fooled anymore. They are looking for value. We provide value by giving good service and a welcoming attitude. We are focused and proud to be a club and in the other case a bar, and we strive for bringing the best of each experience without trying to be something we are not.

Discuss what folks have to look forward to at La Otra. What cocktails, menu items, and events should people expect?

M: Expect the best quality cocktails with top notch garnishes and very warm customer service, we are big on Tequila and Mezcal and they should definitely try Jason’s Mezcal SACRVM.

For more information about Jason and Marcelo’s La Otra go to https://la-otramiami.business.site/ and follow La Otra on Instragram @laotramiami for more updates.

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After success in London, Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, and New York, Rooftop Cinema Club’s founder Gerry Cottle is debuting a new venue in the Sunshine State: Rooftop Cinema Club South Beach. This Spring, the multi-sensory theater and entertainment experience will sit atop 1212 Lincoln Road in Miami Beach and offer film classics, panoramic city views, craft cocktails, savory snacks, and scrumptious meals. Rooftop Cinema Club South Beach will be Miami’s first and only open-air rooftop movie theater.  It will also serve as Rooftop Cinema Club’s ninth location, becoming a part of an exciting new culture of “social cinema”. 

Rooftop Rendering 1Rooftop Cinema Club began as a single rooftop in London’s Shoreditch in 2011. Cottle, the son of the famous Circus owner of the same name, took the skills he acquired in the entertainment industry, particularly with Cirque Du Soleil, Amnesty International, Disney, and Girls Aloud, and created the Rooftop brand. Inspired and empowered by his passion for film, Cottle’s rooftop cinemas have been a breath of fresh air in beautiful cities across the world.

Everything about the Rooftop Cinema Club experiences invites in people from all walks of life. From its photogenic venue to its multiple daily screenings, movie-goers have several opportunities to interact with and enjoy the space. For example, in addition to classic movie snacks, the rooftop venue will offer a food menu and specialty cocktails for those who need more than soft drinks to quench their thirst and more than popcorn to satisfy their appetite. To make guests all the more comfortable, they can choose between two seating options: a single lounge seat or single Adirondack chair. Both options prioritize comfort and provide ample leg room to ensure a superior movie-watching experience free of stress, worry, or discomfort. That’s not all. Rooftop Cinema Club wants to give guests the ultimate viewing experience. Guests will watch films on an exceptional LED screen that features a high-quality picture, transporting each movie-goer into the exhilarating stories before them. Guests will also wear wireless headphones that allow them to listen to the excellent audio at their desired volume. 

Guests SD EMB 21What can guests look forward to on the big screen? Movie genres will include hand-picked classics, cult films, and new releases. Guests can expect to see Rooftop fan favorites such as 10 Things I Hate About You, Dirty Dancing, Pulp Fiction, and Mean Girls on the schedule. The Rooftop Cinema Club team will also curate monthly programming (i.e. anniversary screenings, people’s choice, and sing-a-longs), occasional talent Q&As, and special events. 

Rooftop Cinema Club boasts global success because it offers more than a movie. It inspires in its guests a strong sense of nostalgia, togetherness, exhilaration to which anyone can relate. Whether a casual go-to spot for friends or the perfect change of pace for date night, the theater welcomes cinephiles, friends, family, and loved ones alike into its modern space. The Miami location will restrict all viewings to an 18-or-older audience. However, there is potential for more family-friendly content to be available later in the season.  

Concessions SD EMB 32In experiencing a comprehensive day/night full of movie-watching, dining, and unbeatable views, guests have an opportunity to engage in a new kind of fun outside of the beach, night life, and restaurants. Keep in mind that guests will also have the pleasure of enjoying the gorgeous sight of water, sunshine, and magic known only to South Floridians as they take advantage of this new addition to Miami Beach this Spring.

Miami residents can sign up for email updates regarding Rooftop Cinema Club South Beach,  including upcoming screenings, ticket releases, and more by visiting rooftopcinemaclub.com/southbeach.

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Let’s be real: caviar-topped cocktails are the perfect way to elevate a late-night experience.  Where may you find these cocktails? Discover Bar La Real which is located in the attic of a historic building in Downtown Miami (100 NE 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33132).  The bar thrives off its aptly named “Tropiglam” aesthetic which toes the “thin line between extravagant and elegant.” With its dark furniture, warm lightning, and dreamy decor, Bar La Real guests enter a rustic yet tropical realm accentuated by eye-catching colors and a calming ambiance.

As guests transverse the vivacious venue, they should make themselves comfortable and order one of Bar La Real’s house-based elixirs. These elixirs give guests and their taste buds the opportunity to go on an exciting journey of fruit caviar-topped concoctions designed to enchant the tongue. 

Haraiki 1The first elixir is called the Harakiri. Served in a tall, dashing, rose-shaped glass, the Harakiri is made with Tanqueray Orange, wasabi infused sake, rose liqueur, cranberry shrub, ginger shrub, rose syrup, lime juice, and rose caviar.  Not only do ingredients work to form a delicious taste, but also they do not diminish the concoction’s beauty. The photogenic cocktail boasts light pink, orange, and scarlet hues as well as the gorgeous garnishes, golden origami and thin sliced cucumber wrap around, that complete the aesthetic. The entire look amuses guests before the delight of the first sip. 

GOLD DIGGER BAR LA REALThe second elixir is called the Gold Digger. This honey-colored concoction is made with Ketel One, gold apricot vodka, date vodka, aloe vera juice, champagne, gold powder, and cantaloupe caviar. This treasured cocktail comes with white feather pick and gooseberry with dry leaf cocoon garnishes. Although more simple in appearance than its mesmerizing counterpart, the Gold Digger’s more basic design imparts a sense of refinement and dignity. 

Obsessed with Bar La Real after trying their cocktails? Bar La Real offers a late-night happy hour every Thursday & Friday from 9PM – 11PM. The happy hours feature half-off discounts on all their signature cocktails and 50% off top shelf drinks. These drinks include Macallan Double Malt Scotch, Casamigos Tequila, Tanqueray Gin, Brugal Rum, and Ketel One Vodka.

For my information about Bar La Real, visit their website at https://barlareal.com/ and follow them on Instagram @barlareal

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Who said that the sky’s the limit? 

This February, Tim Petrillo and Alan Roth will launch a new rooftop restaurant and lounge nightlife concept, Rosa Sky. Tim Petrillo is the Co-Founder and CEO of The Restaurant People (TRP). TRP is South Florida’s premier hospitality group credited with spearheading unforgettable venues such as YOLO, Boatyard, Rooftop @1WLO, S3 and Java & Jam. Petrillo joined forces with nightlife connoisseur and hospitality veteran Alan Roth to bring this new marvel to Miami. Rosa Sky will reside at the dual branded AC Hotel by Marriott and Element by Westin, developed by Robert Finvarb Companies and Tony Cho of Metro 1.

A3A8517Rosa Sky is the perfect new venue for those who know that when the “sky is pink, it is time for a drink.” Instead of retiring for the day when the sun goes down, Rosa Sky will provide guests with a place to enjoy themselves, enjoy the sunset, and enjoy the immaculate vibes of a day well spent. The 4,000 square foot rooftop bar and lounge will rest on the 22nd Floor of the all-new dual brand AC & Element Hotel Miami Downtown which is located near the bustling downtown Brickell neighborhood at 115 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL. It will serve as a wonderful place to conclude a day and thrive from the legacy of its creators. “The dynamic partnership between TRP and Alan Roth brings together an incredibly sought-after balance of creativity and unrivaled service which we can’t wait to welcome to the Miami market,” said Robert Finvarb, CEO, Robert Finvarb Companies. “A complement to our hotel’s brands and service level, and certainly to the exciting nightlife and culinary scene in Miami, Rosa Sky will be a must-see for all nightlife connoisseurs.”


The rooftop oasis is designed to provide gorgeous, serene views to give guests a break from the blinding, dreary city lights to which they are painfully accustomed. Rosa Sky will captivate with its allure of an idyllic nightlife atmosphere where guests can feel like they’re on Cloud 9 as they drink, enjoy the sights, and savor shareable appetizers and delectable dishes. Above the worries of the ground below, guests can also clink glasses with creative cocktails and drink and dine to the  beat of featured DJs and music talent reminiscent of Miami’s inimitable magic. 


“Rosa Sky will be a true fusion of Miami’s iconic sunsets over the waters and vibrant nightlife scene,” said Roth. “From sun-down happy hours, to waiting for the stars to rise nights there’s a level of entertainment for all to enjoy, and infatuation to be had with Rosa Sky.” 

A3A8805Rosa Sky’s unique venue is as extravagant and captivating as a sunset itself. The great care with which its superior aesthetic was achieved shows in the illuminations of accent fixtures, planters swathed in neon lights, textured walls brightened by rotating vibrant lighting, and perfectly complementary décor. The entire aesthetic and atmosphere reflect the magnificence of the afternoon sky changing from its honey-colored hue to the inky passion of later evening. The vision of Rosa Sky charms even from beneath a hand-crafted cocktail. The bar casts a luminous glow that dazzles rather than distracts. The ceiling showcases a digital map of curated light choreography. The venue’s electric vibe thrives off the constant jolts of energy, color, and movement gained from its lightshow. Music from a variety of featured artists and unique lineups afford guests the same motivation to get off their feet and embrace the infectious beat. Guests can expect artist line-ups such as that of a talented and fierce all-female DJ collective. 

Rosa Sky has every intention of igniting Miami’s nightlife with its eye-catching aesthetic, mood-boosting music, enchanting nightlife and mouth-watering culinary creations. “In true TRP fashion, our innovative culinary team has derived a menu that is as exciting as the venue itself,” said Petrillo. “Cocktails offer bold flavor and bright garnish, and dining options offer inventive combinations of local flair and unique tastes. All presented with the highest level of service culture from a team of dedicated staff, and set to one of the most colorful backdrops in the nightlife industry. Rosa Sky is the perfect melding of scene and substance.” 

Rosa Sky will offer a variety of drinks such as “The Rosa Sky” which guests can order by the glass or in a shareable style that serves four. “The Rosa Sky” is made with Grey Goose Strawberry Lemongrass, citrus and sparkling rosé. The delicious concoction is poured over signature rose shaped ice cubes and into a martini glass. There are also cocktails like the “Golden Hour” which is made with Aperol, grapefruit and the all-new Calirosa Blanco Tequila. Presented by entertainer Adam Levine, the Calirosa Blanco Tequila is a premium tequila that is a fusion of Mexican spirit and California style. There is also another drink called, “the Violet Views,” that has Kettle One Vodka, crème de violet, blackberry and sage. In addition to wonderfully curated and aptly themed drinks, Rosa Sky will offer dishes inspired by local delicacies such as Cuban “Cigars”. The shareable “Cigars” have a crispy shell, jamon, lechon, queso, pickle relish, mustard aioli and scallion ash or the Tiradito of Tuna Aji Amarillo with guanabana and sweet potato. 

After it opens this February, Rosa Sky will welcome guests Wednesday through Saturday from 4:30 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. and Sunday from 4:30 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. For more information about Rosa Sky, please visit www.rosaskyrooftop.com. Follow @rosaskyrooftop on Instagram and Facebook for the latest events, promotions, and updates. Rosa Sky is the first of many establishments that Petrillo and Roth plan to develop so be on the lookout for when the dynamic duo launches their second joint venture–––a restaurant––– in 2022. 

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It’s getting hot in here. Get Hot Tequila is an award-winning tequila that boasts several achievements. The brand’s accomplishments reveal that the fiery product is more than qualified to live up to its bold name, Get Hot Tequila has won four medals for taste and quality (93 points). Gold Medal at the Denver International Spirits Festival and is the highest rated infused Tequila on Testings.com. In coming up with its memorable moniker, Get Hot Tequila founders wanted the name of their premium Tequila to inspire a favorable reaction within their global client, challenging consumers to “get hot” with a taste of their fine Tequila. It’s name, and fun, recognizable packaging, stand out among other Tequila brands. The care in its design reflects a product that also distinguishes itself through flavor and vision. 

Get Hot Tequila, distilled from the “El Olvido Rancho” (Forgetfulness Ranch) estate-grown agave, has won four medals for taste and quality. Founded in 1921, El Olvido Rancho is a family-owned ranchero and distillery. According to Get Hot Tequila’s website,  is located in Los Altos region of Jalisco, near the historic town of Arandas, Jalisco. True to its origins and humbled by its history, the El Olvido Ranch stays in the family. The ranch has been taken care of for over five generations and each generation maintains the impressive tradition of distilling spectacular, renowned, and long-established tequilas.

Get Hot Tequila bottle high resAt 40% ABV, Get Hot Tequila is a 100% Blue Agave tequila barrel-aged for six months and then hand-infused with Habanero pepper. The result is a premium Reposado that combined heat and playfulness. Mexcor International distributes Get Hot Tequila and pop superstar, Paulina Rubio, serves as the Brand Ambassador and beloved, Golden Girl. The Queen of Latin Pop muses that,“Get Hot is bold, recognizable and different, just like me.” The singer, songwriter, actress, model and businesswoman brings her luminous legacy, vibrant Mexican roots, and fervent flare to a brand that already sings and sizzles.

Ready to Get Hot? Customers may check out Get Hot Tequila’s website to buy the award-winning tequila and/or purchase fun recipes for drinks that look as delicious as they do beautiful. These drink recipes include El Picante, Get Hot Or Get Paloma, Hot Donkey (aka Ginger Mule), Get Hot Ranch Water,  Get Hot Skinny Minnie Margarita. For more information about Get Hot Tequila visit their website at https://gethottequila.com/ or follow Get Hot Tequila on Instagram @get_hot_tequila.

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This holiday season, the Champagne Bar at The Surf Club will bring back their iconic parties by first launching a new cocktail collection reminiscent of these memorable celebrations. The new collection, aptly called “Reflections,” will honor the memory and the legacy of the iconic celebrations that occurred at The Surf Club since the 1930s. 

The Champagne Bar team thrives under the direction of Head Bartender Valentino Longo. Longo and his team created the collection’s eight cocktails which are a modern interpretation of the historic themed parties that once celebrated culture and life in a truly gorgeous venue. 

“The vision behind Reflections is to relive the spark of what The Surf Club is historically known for — the years of parties, the happiness among people having fun and living in the moment,” said Longo.

To keep a spontaneous and lively atmosphere, a series of guest bartenders will accompany the presentation of each cocktail. Archive photos of past dinner parties and galas hint at the Surf Club’s enduring allure. It was the place to be in the winter social season. Longo and his team have ensured that it will also be the place to be this winter season. 

 “The Surf Club created the perfect social scene back in the day, where the parties were always unique with elaborate styles and themes,” continued Longo. “Our new cocktails honour this legacy while interpreting each theme for today’s guest.”

Last Tuesday, November 16th, the Four Seasons celebrated “Derby day” with all the flair of a spectacular soiree. The hotel encouraged guests to dress in the Derby-theme. Special guest Bartender, Masa Urushido of New York City’s Katana Kitten and winner of 2020’s World Best Bar, shined at the illustrious event. Urushido and the Champagne Bar team showcased four one-night only cocktails created using Woodford Reserve Bourbon. A live band also amused the attendees the entire night, providing an amazing ambiance. 

The Derby day event represented only a taste of what the Champagne Bar has in store. The Reflections Guest Bartender series will return every month and feature one of the new eight cocktails. 

“The art is in the garnish and the feel of each cocktail,” said Longo. “Fiesta in Rio for example – themed to the annual festival in Rio de Janeiro – uses authentic Brazilian ingredients, such as cachaca and Brazil nuts, paired with local produce from Miami. The cocktail allows you to experience what Fiesta in Rio would feel, look and taste like right here in Miami, through a thoughtful blend of local flavors rooted in the culture of the party’s theme.”

It is time to celebrate in style. Reflections is now available at The Champagne Bar. Consumers may also enjoy the hot new collection at Lido Restaurant at The Surf Club if they dare to discover the bar’s historic archways.

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Tremendo Garnish Founder and Bartender Angel Gomez, aka Angel de la Blanca, originated from Ecuador. In 2009, before becoming a bartender, Angel pursued a postgraduate degree in Argentina. Looking for work while he completed his studies, Angel became a cook in a restaurant. One day, his manager asked him for assistance in bringing supplies to the restaurant’s bar area. After seeing Angel’s hospitality skills at work, his manager gave him an opportunity to be his assistant at the bar. His manager explained everything he knew about the bartending profession and how the career had a lot to do with service. Angel had a lot of potential because of his own value of helping people and tending to their needs. Angel’s manager also taught him about wine and Gin because he was English and Gin was a part of his culture. It was this friendship that introduced Angel to the world of cocktails. He was so enamored with this world, with the hospitality industry, that he forgot about his graduate degree and became a bartender. He is currently the founder of Tremendo Garnish which he started during the pandemic and he sat down with 2ozMag Founder Helena Jose to discuss his booming new business. 

Screen Shot 2021 11 04 at 9.48.09 AMDespite the pandemic’s previous threat to the hospitality industry and its professionals, Tremendo Garnish has been a successful business because of Angel’s passion, ingenuity, and dedication. However, it was a long, difficult journey to that point. “It was a crucial moment,” said Angel, referring to the COVID-19 pandemic. “The bartenders and the cocktail union suffered a lot as well as other unions.” Angel’s job also suffered because they were used to receiving customers and generating an entertaining environment that could not reach its full potential during the pandemic. In fact, Angel went straight into survival mode during the pandemic. He got a job at a construction company, but quickly realized that his heart and his expertise remained in hospitality. “I saw many colleagues developing their own ideas,” said Angel. “Based on my experience, I had the opportunity to create a brand called Tremendo Garnish, which is a product that bartenders use to decorate cocktails.”

Screen Shot 2021 11 04 at 9.55.23 AMAngel noticed that there was a need that existed in his profession that he could offer and thus improve life for his fellow bartenders. He developed his idea and created Tremendo Garnish. With Tremendo Garnish, Angel created a series of garnishes, decorations that bartenders place on cocktails, to satisfy the need for bartenders to create unique, artistic drinks. According to Angel, Tremendo Garnish works on the design and modification of garnishes and makes artistic proposals through dehydrated fruits and other elements for the bartender. “We massify the creation of the bartender, which usually takes time to create and replicate that detail,” explained Angel. “We save him a workload, because many times that detail is aimed at up to hundreds of cocktails, through Tremendo Garnish, we can save [the bartender] the extra work and time he spends doing it. We deliver the garnish ready to use.”

Tremendo Garnish offers aesthetic solutions for cocktails. Dried, seasonal, and exotic fruits characterize their garnishes. They have dragon fruit, golden dragon fruit, kiwi, macadamia, blood orange, limes, oranges, and many other flavors. “The first line we took was with dehydrated fruits which is an ancient technique that currently takes us to another level,” said Angel. “The dehydration technique allows us to preserve the fruit. Previously, there was a problem in the cocktail bar because perhaps the fruit was beginning to rot and we did not know, or we had to waste it and throw it away.” As a result of the dehydration, the fruit garnish maintains its condition better and lasts up to six months. The dehydrated fruit also maintains its appearance because it is not wet or decomposing. With this garnish, the bartender has an opportunity to add more elements such as spices, syrups, etc. They can place gold on the garnish, or other herbs and have a more captivating finished product. Angel added, “We also have our own creations, such as edible gold lamination, CBD gums, emulsions, and soon a line of 6-7 salts inspired by Mexican culture, such as “Sal de gusano” (worm salt), Sal de Hormiga (ant’s salt), chipotle salt, and others.”

Angel and his success as the founder of Tremendo Garnish reveal the payoff in trusting one’s intuition and developing one’s passion. Find Tremendo Garnish at around 70% of the bars in Miami or visit their website at www.tremendogarnish.com for more information.

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