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Are you ready to Flamingle? New Cocktail Bar Tipsy Flamingo Opens Downtown

by Helena Jose

There is a new bar in town. 

The Last Call Hospitality Group, the same masterminds behind Redbar Brickell and the Sweet Caroline Karaoke Bar, have developed a new nightlife concept: a cocktail bar called Tipsy Flamingo. Situated in the heart of beautiful, bustling downtown Miami, the Tipsy Flamingo heightens the Miami experience with incredibly crafted cocktails and a fun, carefree atmosphere.

“Basically, we took the best characteristics of Miami from the tropical ambiance and colors to the sounds and blended them together to create a unique and intimate venue that’s rare to find in this city,” said Tipsy Flamingo Co-Owner Juan Marcos Rancano. 

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Last Call Hospitality Group opened their third bar concept to satisfy an important vibe that was missing from the opportune area. “The bars in Downtown Miami are great, but they mostly cater to a specific demographic,” explained Rancano. “That’s why we decided to create a bit more of an elevated cocktail concept that combines the fun atmosphere of a bar with the trendy and intimate feel of a lounge.” 

To create a venue unlike any other, the Tipsy Flamingo team brought their vision of an elevated cocktail bar experience to fruition with ingenuity, dedication, and fashion. The cocktail bar has the style and feel of a cocktail lounge to invite intimacy and sophistication to this one-of-a-kind budding hotspot. The impressive venue is 1,300 square feet and constantly draws inspiration from the illustrious city of Miami. Using the tropical city’s gorgeous, natural elements, Tipsy Flamingo shines in the greens, purples, and hot pink for which Miami is known. With walls decorated in whimsical vintage palm leaf wallpaper and faux foliage, the cocktail bar captures the essence of paradise itself.  

cocktail 1There is also a diverse collection of artwork that decorates the walls as well as groovy neon signs. In keeping with the bar’s clever, thoughtful theme, there is a cheeky sign that reads “No Flocks Given.” During the earlier hours of operation and Happy Hour, the bar features guest seating. Later in the night, the Tipsy Flamingo team turns the bar into “a more loungey vibe” with cocktail tables and posh seating to the right of the venue. Local DJs are featured nightly. They spin open format style and their musical stylings range from Funk and Disco to Hip Hop and Reggaetón.


Marco Balza

The cocktail menu, which was created by Venezuelan Bartender Marco Balza,  serves as an ode to the Magic City. Balza designed each drink to pay homage to the city’s personality and showcase its vibrance, boldness, and mesmerizing allure. Some of the cocktails guests can expect are the “Downtown Mentirita” (the Tipsy Flamingo’s version of the classical Cuba Libre) and the extremely popular “My English Is Not Very Good Looking.” The second cocktail tastes like a pastelito de guayaba which is a delicious Cuban dessert.

The Tipsy Flamingo is open Tuesday through Sunday. The festivities will start at 5 PM with a Happy Hour. Then, the venue will transform into a groovy, elevated cocktail bar until 3 AM. 

For more information about the Tipsy Flamingo visit their website at www.tipsyflamingomiami.com or follow Tipsy Flamingo on Instagram @tipsyflamingomiami. 

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