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by intelprise

Miami’s Mixology Guide

 The first and only local magazine dedicated to Miami’s Bar Scene. A medley of trending bars, liquors, exotic cocktails, and the best bartenders in town. Events, insights, and interviews.
Profiles, ongoing happy hours. All and everything related to the city’s beverage industry, company culture, traditions, and their ambassadors.

2oz Mag is the fundamental guide to Miami’s beverage industry. Since its inception in 2019, we have created content that is as refreshing as our readers’ favorite drink. Through our web and social outlets, we have covered everything from new product releases, special mixology techniques, and cocktail recipes, to exciting upcoming events and special individual spotlights. Appealing to both beverage experts and enthusiasts, there truly is that special jigger for everyone.

Mission – 2oz Mag goes way beyond highlighting Miami’s bar and spirit scene. We’re on a mission to connect bartenders, brand ambassadors, and local businesses to the community. Starting with that first sip of coffee or tea in the morning, followed by a mid-afternoon smoothie run, to the classic Old Fashioned to finish off the day – 2oz Mag will undoubtedly help you quench your thirst.