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A Taste of Scotland in South Beach

by intelprise
A Taste of Scotland in South Beach

A Taste of Scotland in South Beach…

Photo by Sujhail Cabana

We sent our reporters, Sujhail Cabana and Jose Salcido, to experience Macallan Manor, hosted by the beautiful Bath Club in South Beach. Greeted at the door with light, crisp Macallan-based cocktails designed to ready the palate, they entered a room made to resemble Easter Elchies House (of Macallan’s iconic logo). From there, Sujhail describes how they were ‘spirited away’ on a thousand-mile journey: “The Macallan Manor experience first transported us to the forests of Galicia, Spain to introduce the Macallan 12-year. Next, we visited a Spanish cooperage, where the Macallan barrels are painstakingly crafted. Here, we were treated to the Macallan 15-year, a bold and fruitful spirit, alongside an introduction to nuts and cheeses that enhance this delicious whiskey.

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The end of our journey brought us to a wonderful whiskey den where we got to enjoy the Macallan Rare Cask.” The virtual ambiance helped instruct them on the importance of Spanish oak in achieving Macallan’s distinctive taste. Jose’s favorite takeaway was all the insider knowledge gained on how best to enjoy whiskey: “For example, using sphere-shaped ice allows the ice to melt slowly so that it doesn’t dilute the flavor.” Upon returning, the travelers were treated to a dreamy night under the stars with a live band and outdoor bar providing cocktails made even more enjoyable by the sojourn through space and time…no passport necessary!


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