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This holiday season, the Champagne Bar at The Surf Club will bring back their iconic parties by first launching a new cocktail collection reminiscent of these memorable celebrations. The new collection, aptly called “Reflections,” will honor the memory and the legacy of the iconic celebrations that occurred at The Surf Club since the 1930s. 

The Champagne Bar team thrives under the direction of Head Bartender Valentino Longo. Longo and his team created the collection’s eight cocktails which are a modern interpretation of the historic themed parties that once celebrated culture and life in a truly gorgeous venue. 

“The vision behind Reflections is to relive the spark of what The Surf Club is historically known for — the years of parties, the happiness among people having fun and living in the moment,” said Longo.

To keep a spontaneous and lively atmosphere, a series of guest bartenders will accompany the presentation of each cocktail. Archive photos of past dinner parties and galas hint at the Surf Club’s enduring allure. It was the place to be in the winter social season. Longo and his team have ensured that it will also be the place to be this winter season. 

 “The Surf Club created the perfect social scene back in the day, where the parties were always unique with elaborate styles and themes,” continued Longo. “Our new cocktails honour this legacy while interpreting each theme for today’s guest.”

Last Tuesday, November 16th, the Four Seasons celebrated “Derby day” with all the flair of a spectacular soiree. The hotel encouraged guests to dress in the Derby-theme. Special guest Bartender, Masa Urushido of New York City’s Katana Kitten and winner of 2020’s World Best Bar, shined at the illustrious event. Urushido and the Champagne Bar team showcased four one-night only cocktails created using Woodford Reserve Bourbon. A live band also amused the attendees the entire night, providing an amazing ambiance. 

The Derby day event represented only a taste of what the Champagne Bar has in store. The Reflections Guest Bartender series will return every month and feature one of the new eight cocktails. 

“The art is in the garnish and the feel of each cocktail,” said Longo. “Fiesta in Rio for example – themed to the annual festival in Rio de Janeiro – uses authentic Brazilian ingredients, such as cachaca and Brazil nuts, paired with local produce from Miami. The cocktail allows you to experience what Fiesta in Rio would feel, look and taste like right here in Miami, through a thoughtful blend of local flavors rooted in the culture of the party’s theme.”

It is time to celebrate in style. Reflections is now available at The Champagne Bar. Consumers may also enjoy the hot new collection at Lido Restaurant at The Surf Club if they dare to discover the bar’s historic archways.

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Maestro Ronero Nelsón Hernandez shares more than his love for rum. He also shares his strong devotion for his country, his culture, and his community. “Expertise, patience, and passion are necessary to be a Master Ronero,” shared Nelsón. “because the important thing is not to do what you love, but to love what you do.” Nelsón’s commitment to be the image of his whole team, fills him with pride to represent those grains of sand that each team member contributes to the final product. Together, they all shine. 

Nelsón Hernandez, in addition to being passionate about distillation, and having immense pride in his work and team, also stands out in his role as an educator. He teaches how rum is prepared in different parts of the world and shares his passion for his craft and his product. “It is not just selling products. We sell Brand-Country, name, values, idiosyncrasy…” said Nelsón.

Diplomatico 12Nelsón went on to explain, “Our business model is closeness. It is familiarity. It is direct contact. We like to be known. To be seated at this table and show who we are.”

Passion is one of the biggest values that ​​he shares with all those who meet him. Despite having had only fifteen years on the market, Diplomático Rum has been within the top 10 international TRIM Magazine for seven years. The International TRIM Magazine selects 50 bars in the world and the 10 best brands with the most impressive sales and trends. “Being there among companies with great experience makes us wonder how we got there,” said Nelsón. “It is because of the quality of our product and our business power.”

Before Nelsón became Diplomático Rum’s Maestro Ronero, he was a mechanical engineer. In 1979, his first professional experience was in the oil industry.  Then, an opportunity arose for him in his hometown. A distiller needed someone to take care of the plant’s total maintenance. He applied for the job and was selected to run the plant. 

“When you work in the maintenance area, you need to know all the processes and equipment involved in the process,” explained Nelsón. 

At the time of Nelsón’s employment, Sigra, the number one Canadian company in the world, served as the founding member of the distillery. The strict quality control that characterized each step in the process impressed Nestor. He began to get involved with distillate, learning about distillates.

In 2002, a new administration took over the distillery and strengthened quality control. The new owners already had experience in the alcoholic beverage industry. Under the steady helm of the new management, the distillery became Destilerias Unidas, SA (DUSA). Today, the company has nine top-of-the-line products. DUSA became a 100% family-owned and 100% national company that opened many doors by leading with heart, compassion, and dedication.

From raw materials to bottling, everything at DUSA is made in-house. The company is a factory in which a family is a team. Within this family, all medical service is free, including medicines. There is a free dining room. There is free transportation. DUSA provides direct support to the community with medicine, transportation, and environmental education. Although Venezuela has its difficulties, DUSA considers the well-being of the family, and that makes them different from their competitors.

We asked Nelsón about the history of Diplomático Rum, and his main inspiration Don Juancho. “Don Juancho was a successful nobleman among the sugar cane world. He was born in Vzla and the son of Spanish parents. He was a Mantuano. He supported the development of the community and he loved to travel. He was also famously a lover of rum and when he arrived he shared his favorite alcohol with his friends.”

The name “Diplomático Rum” comes from the fact that people remarked that “Juancho travels so much that he looks like a diplomat.” Don Juancho had a very exclusive reserve at his house and people always commented about his legacy and how he has been a positive influence. The name Planas represents how Don Juancho helped in the development of the Planas region. Don Juancho is a significant part of Diplomático Rum’s philosophy.

You can visit https://rondiplomatico.com/ to learn more about their products. 

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There is a new bar in town. 

The Last Call Hospitality Group, the same masterminds behind Redbar Brickell and the Sweet Caroline Karaoke Bar, have developed a new nightlife concept: a cocktail bar called Tipsy Flamingo. Situated in the heart of beautiful, bustling downtown Miami, the Tipsy Flamingo heightens the Miami experience with incredibly crafted cocktails and a fun, carefree atmosphere.

“Basically, we took the best characteristics of Miami from the tropical ambiance and colors to the sounds and blended them together to create a unique and intimate venue that’s rare to find in this city,” said Tipsy Flamingo Co-Owner Juan Marcos Rancano. 

tipstflamingo2 lorestipsyflamingo loresjpgTipsyFlamingo5 loresjpg

Last Call Hospitality Group opened their third bar concept to satisfy an important vibe that was missing from the opportune area. “The bars in Downtown Miami are great, but they mostly cater to a specific demographic,” explained Rancano. “That’s why we decided to create a bit more of an elevated cocktail concept that combines the fun atmosphere of a bar with the trendy and intimate feel of a lounge.” 

To create a venue unlike any other, the Tipsy Flamingo team brought their vision of an elevated cocktail bar experience to fruition with ingenuity, dedication, and fashion. The cocktail bar has the style and feel of a cocktail lounge to invite intimacy and sophistication to this one-of-a-kind budding hotspot. The impressive venue is 1,300 square feet and constantly draws inspiration from the illustrious city of Miami. Using the tropical city’s gorgeous, natural elements, Tipsy Flamingo shines in the greens, purples, and hot pink for which Miami is known. With walls decorated in whimsical vintage palm leaf wallpaper and faux foliage, the cocktail bar captures the essence of paradise itself.  

cocktail 1There is also a diverse collection of artwork that decorates the walls as well as groovy neon signs. In keeping with the bar’s clever, thoughtful theme, there is a cheeky sign that reads “No Flocks Given.” During the earlier hours of operation and Happy Hour, the bar features guest seating. Later in the night, the Tipsy Flamingo team turns the bar into “a more loungey vibe” with cocktail tables and posh seating to the right of the venue. Local DJs are featured nightly. They spin open format style and their musical stylings range from Funk and Disco to Hip Hop and Reggaetón.


Marco Balza

The cocktail menu, which was created by Venezuelan Bartender Marco Balza,  serves as an ode to the Magic City. Balza designed each drink to pay homage to the city’s personality and showcase its vibrance, boldness, and mesmerizing allure. Some of the cocktails guests can expect are the “Downtown Mentirita” (the Tipsy Flamingo’s version of the classical Cuba Libre) and the extremely popular “My English Is Not Very Good Looking.” The second cocktail tastes like a pastelito de guayaba which is a delicious Cuban dessert.

The Tipsy Flamingo is open Tuesday through Sunday. The festivities will start at 5 PM with a Happy Hour. Then, the venue will transform into a groovy, elevated cocktail bar until 3 AM. 

For more information about the Tipsy Flamingo visit their website at www.tipsyflamingomiami.com or follow Tipsy Flamingo on Instagram @tipsyflamingomiami. 

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Tremendo Garnish Founder and Bartender Angel Gomez, aka Angel de la Blanca, originated from Ecuador. In 2009, before becoming a bartender, Angel pursued a postgraduate degree in Argentina. Looking for work while he completed his studies, Angel became a cook in a restaurant. One day, his manager asked him for assistance in bringing supplies to the restaurant’s bar area. After seeing Angel’s hospitality skills at work, his manager gave him an opportunity to be his assistant at the bar. His manager explained everything he knew about the bartending profession and how the career had a lot to do with service. Angel had a lot of potential because of his own value of helping people and tending to their needs. Angel’s manager also taught him about wine and Gin because he was English and Gin was a part of his culture. It was this friendship that introduced Angel to the world of cocktails. He was so enamored with this world, with the hospitality industry, that he forgot about his graduate degree and became a bartender. He is currently the founder of Tremendo Garnish which he started during the pandemic and he sat down with 2ozMag Founder Helena Jose to discuss his booming new business. 

Screen Shot 2021 11 04 at 9.48.09 AMDespite the pandemic’s previous threat to the hospitality industry and its professionals, Tremendo Garnish has been a successful business because of Angel’s passion, ingenuity, and dedication. However, it was a long, difficult journey to that point. “It was a crucial moment,” said Angel, referring to the COVID-19 pandemic. “The bartenders and the cocktail union suffered a lot as well as other unions.” Angel’s job also suffered because they were used to receiving customers and generating an entertaining environment that could not reach its full potential during the pandemic. In fact, Angel went straight into survival mode during the pandemic. He got a job at a construction company, but quickly realized that his heart and his expertise remained in hospitality. “I saw many colleagues developing their own ideas,” said Angel. “Based on my experience, I had the opportunity to create a brand called Tremendo Garnish, which is a product that bartenders use to decorate cocktails.”

Screen Shot 2021 11 04 at 9.55.23 AMAngel noticed that there was a need that existed in his profession that he could offer and thus improve life for his fellow bartenders. He developed his idea and created Tremendo Garnish. With Tremendo Garnish, Angel created a series of garnishes, decorations that bartenders place on cocktails, to satisfy the need for bartenders to create unique, artistic drinks. According to Angel, Tremendo Garnish works on the design and modification of garnishes and makes artistic proposals through dehydrated fruits and other elements for the bartender. “We massify the creation of the bartender, which usually takes time to create and replicate that detail,” explained Angel. “We save him a workload, because many times that detail is aimed at up to hundreds of cocktails, through Tremendo Garnish, we can save [the bartender] the extra work and time he spends doing it. We deliver the garnish ready to use.”

Tremendo Garnish offers aesthetic solutions for cocktails. Dried, seasonal, and exotic fruits characterize their garnishes. They have dragon fruit, golden dragon fruit, kiwi, macadamia, blood orange, limes, oranges, and many other flavors. “The first line we took was with dehydrated fruits which is an ancient technique that currently takes us to another level,” said Angel. “The dehydration technique allows us to preserve the fruit. Previously, there was a problem in the cocktail bar because perhaps the fruit was beginning to rot and we did not know, or we had to waste it and throw it away.” As a result of the dehydration, the fruit garnish maintains its condition better and lasts up to six months. The dehydrated fruit also maintains its appearance because it is not wet or decomposing. With this garnish, the bartender has an opportunity to add more elements such as spices, syrups, etc. They can place gold on the garnish, or other herbs and have a more captivating finished product. Angel added, “We also have our own creations, such as edible gold lamination, CBD gums, emulsions, and soon a line of 6-7 salts inspired by Mexican culture, such as “Sal de gusano” (worm salt), Sal de Hormiga (ant’s salt), chipotle salt, and others.”

Angel and his success as the founder of Tremendo Garnish reveal the payoff in trusting one’s intuition and developing one’s passion. Find Tremendo Garnish at around 70% of the bars in Miami or visit their website at www.tremendogarnish.com for more information.

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Rock N Roll Tequila is thrilled to celebrate Day of the Dead (Día de Los Muertos) with the arrival of a special, limited edition Cristalino Reposado Tequila. The new Tequila officially launched on Day of the Dead, November 1st, and is currently available for purchase in select liquor stores across the country as well as nationwide on rocknrolltequila.com. 

Like all of Rock N Roll’s Tequila, the family of Casa Aceves, a third-generation Master Distiller from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, made this most recent addition to Rock N Roll Tequila’s impressive inventory.

“Limited edition run with only 2,000 cases of production created, not only an amazing collectors edition bottle, but a patented four step filtration process brings this Cristalino Reposado to life with absolute perfection using French Oak barrels to age our 100% Blue Weber Agave for 3 to 5 months before bottling,” said Rock N Roll Tequila COO Chris Ferrone. 

Rock N Roll Day of dead website imageThe Rock N Roll team created this newest, limited edition Tequila by using their patented process to remove all the impurities while maintaining the integrity of the Reposado’s complex flavors. These complex yet smooth flavors include notes of caramel, vanilla, mint, and oak. The flavors finish with a lingering baseline of baked agave. The result of this meticulous process is an exceptional, crystal clear Reposado Tequila.

To honor the Day of the Dead, Rock N Roll Tequila’s Cristalino Reposado-Day of the Dead Edition captures the essence and history of the holiday. Día de Los Muertos originated in Mexico, but people also observe the holiday in other places. This cheerful celebration involves friends and family paying respect, honoring, and remembering their loved ones who have passed on. Day of the Dead is a holiday characterized by great jubilation rather than grief. In the spirit of inspiring joy, the Cristalino Reposado’s Calavera-inspired bottle expresses a strong sense of culture, honor, and vibrancy. 

The Rock N Roll Team’s respect and admiration for the holiday is evident from its latest Cristalino Reposado’s incredibly detailed design. The Tequila bottle stuns with the bold pink and turquoise of a colorful Calavera (skull). Its subtle orange accents are reminiscent of the cempazúchitl (Aztec marigold flowers) whose petals attract the souls of the dead to their ofrendas (home altars). The style and Rock N Roll flair does not end there. Consumers also have a chance to witness an exciting and stylish delivery; the first round of Rock N Roll’s limited edition Reposado will be delivered by an armored truck.

IMG 4840“The statement with the truck is to show how limited this Reposado is. We have to protect it like it’s gold,” said Creative Director Tayler Faoro. 

Don’t miss out on this spectacular sight and tantalizing offer. The Day of the Dead ends on Tuesday, November 2nd. Access to this exclusive product ends once the last bottle is sold. By taking advantage of this limited edition holiday release, consumers will have an exclusive opportunity to begin their Day of the Dead celebrations with an unforgettable and flavorful addition to their festivities. 

Pre-order this limited edition Rock N Roll Tequila Cristalino Reposado- Day of the Day Edition at https://rocknrolltequila.com. This product’s expected ship date is the day of Día de Los Muertos, November 1st. The first 100 bottles sold on Rock N Roll’s website will receive a special gift!

STAY TUNED: Rock N Roll Tequila will launch two more limited releases in October 2022 and October 2023. 

To find more information on Rock N Roll’s latest Tequila or to watch a thrilling Cristalino Reposado- Day of the Dead Edition teaser video, follow Rock N Roll Tequila on instagram (@rocknrolltequila). 

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