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There is no occasion more significant than the celebration of our home. Our beloved planet Earth is the cradle of countless wonders, resources, and species. Today, we highlight celebrations that pay tribute to our world with sustainable practices. Many bars and restaurants dedicate themselves to planting the seed of education about the care and preservation of our land. Most of them use agave or paper straws and recyclable to-go packaging. This week you can participate in activities such as cleaning the beach. You may also choose to try the cocktail in honor of Earth Day. Bars and restaurants will direct proceeds of the Earth Day cocktails to specific organizations that benefit the environment.

Mijenta, a carbon-neutral artisanal Tequila, is well known for its sustainable practices and respect for the land. They will host the following activations: 

  • Earth Week at the Lido, The holistic Standard hotel at Miami Beach will be featuring a specialty Mijenta Cocktail throughout the week. A portion of the profits will be donated to Miami Waterkeeper. 
  • Beach Day Clean up at 1 beach club $15, give a gift to Mother Earth by cleaning up the beach to preserve our water, and receive a refreshing Mijenta cocktail. Proceeds benefiting Debris Free Ocean. Thursday 22nd, 10:30am – 11:30am. Register at bit.ly/1HotelClean
  • Enjoy “La Madre” Earth month specialty cocktail at 1 Beach club, available throughout the month of April, with Serrano infused Mijenta, Basil infused simple Syrup, sun-dried tomato, green Chartreuse, and lime.  Featured Image*
  • Hop at KYU and receive a liquid hug with the  “Tequila hugger” cocktail, a mix of Mijenta Tequila Blanco, St George Green Chile Vodka, Cap Corse Blanc, Thai Basil Syrup, Thai Chili Tincture. Proceeds benefiting Debris Free Ocean. 
Tequila Hugger

Tequila Hugger @ KYU

SLS south beach is joining forces with Clean This Beach Up & Clear View Kayaks to clean up the canal on Miami Beach. Tickets are $20 and include Kayaks and paddleboards. 100% of the proceeds will support our partners with supplies to continue the fight against pollution in Miami. Afterward, join volunteers at SLS South Beach for Ketel One complimentary refreshments at the beach hut. Spend the day on the lounge chairs and soak up the sun after your hard work. This event takes place at 10 AM on Thursday, April 22nd. Meet at 23rd/ Collins Ave. Clear View Kayak Rentals. RSVP Kaiti.Galica@sbe.com


Earth Day cocktail @ Tanuki

TANUKI Miami, a pan-Asian hotspot located in Miami Beach, will celebrate Earth Day with a special Earth Day cocktail that they are creating exclusively for the holiday $15. (Yoshikazu, Roku Gin, Domain Canton, Hibiscus-Sage, Lemon, Ginger Candy) . A portion of proceeds from every sold cocktail will go to Clean This Beach Up, specifically for their Earth Day Clean-Up event on April 24th, from xx . Register at volunteercleanup.org/cleanthisbeachup.

Let’s not forget that our art neighborhood needs some cleaning too. Join Buya on Earth Day, Thursday 22nd from 5-7 PM to register and receive your clean-up equipment provided by Debris free Ocean and help clean up WYNWOOD. Complimentary Boozy drinks & snacks at BUYA afterward for all participants. You can RSVP at hello@buyawynwood.com

Let’s all do our part!

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The Sylvester is thrilled to announce their reopening on April 15, 2021. Located in the heart of Midtown, The Sylvester is a vintage eclectic cocktail bar where Miami nostalgia meets cutting-edge cocktails in a fun and familiar atmosphere. “We’re serious about cocktails, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously,” is still our bar motto says Bar Director and co-owner Ben Potts.

Into The Blue

Into the blue

 Having survived the year long Covid shutdown the team is beyond excited to get the doors open again. “After being closed for over a year, we feel it is the right time to reopen the Sylvester responsibly. We are really excited to show our guests our exciting improvements and welcome them back to an even better bar with more thoughtful menus, programming, and ambiance,” says Potts.

The new cocktail menu will feature upgraded classics using next-level techniques, locally sourced sustainable ingredients, and Instagram-worthy presentations. Led by Ben Potts, the bar team will showcase the creations executed by Bar Manager Rensel (Ice) Cabrera, along with Tim Christakis, General Manager combined with the concept expertise from Gui Jaroschy and cultural flair provided by Josue Gonzalez. In addition to the exciting new cocktails, there is a crave-worthy menu of Miami-familiar bar bites to compliment the libations created by Chef and co-owner, Brian Nasajon of Beaker & Gray.



The cocktail menu pays homage to old and new Miami think: “The Floradora” an upgraded Moscow Mule using Ketel One Botanicals Grapefruit-Rose, raspberry syrup, fresh citrus, ginger beer and a fortified rosé aperitivo or the “Pink Panther,” a pretty in pink tropical gin sour made with Sipsmith Gin, guava-lavender syrup, Martini Bitter, bianco vermouth, fresh citrus and egg glair.   Another sure to be fan favorite will be the “Vaxxxed & Waxxxed” a spicy take on the modern classic “Naked & Famous” featuring Don Julio Blanco Tequila, Vida Mezcal, thai-chili infused Aperol, Chinola Passion Fruit liqueur and fresh citrus juice.  The menu also includes a rotating and unique wine list and as well as a selection of locally brewed craft beers.

The Sylvester will also be adding large format cocktails to the menu by putting their own spin on the current, seafood tower trend.   In true Florida fashion, guests at the Sylvester will be given the pleasure to embark on a tower adventure of their own. Imagine instead of oysters, crabs, shrimp, and all the fun things you normally find on a seafood tower being replaced by an assortment of pony beers, Lambrusco, curated shots and specialty cocktails all bottled and ready to go.  Guests will be able to select from a few options to build their very own cocktail tower style large format drinking experience. There will be three sizes available, Deluxe, Royale, and Grand for those high ballers.

DSC05611 HDR 01

The 3,400 square foot space is decked out in colorful vintage wallpaper combined with tropical touches that play up the retro vibe while the repurposed antique furniture balances out the overall ambiance creating a cozy and relaxed feel. “We wanted to create a unique, inclusive space with something for everyone, a place where you would want to be stuck in a hurricane,” says Potts. 

The Sylvester is open Wednesday through Sunday, starting at 5PM with a casual and laid-back atmosphere for bites and drinks then transforming into a congenial cocktail bar with an elevated menu set to the tone of hand-selected contemporary sounds courtesy of your local DJ faves until 2AM on weekdays and 3AM on Fridays and Saturdays. 

For more information please visit: www.thesylvesterbar.com or @thesylvesterbar on Instagram.

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By launching Unfiltered Hospitality, Co-Creators Gui Jaroschy and Ben Potts boast a consulting company that “make experience better.” In addition to creating Unfiltered Hospitality, Jaroschy has designed menus or collaborated on products with Williams Sonoma, British Airways, The Smithsonian Museum, and The James Beard Foundation and won recognition as a mixologist, director, and personality. Potts is also the co-owner and creative director of award-winning bars The Sylvester and Beaker & Gray, one of the Top 10 Best Bartenders in Miami as well as the former director of training and bar education for Blackbird Ordinary, Purdy Lounge, and The Bar in Coral Gables. Their process-driven, experience-focused hospitality development strikes a balance between the professional and the personal to find sustainable, applicable solutions to problems within the industry. Their approach stands on four pillars: process, people, product, and performance. These pillars suggest that process and people are as fundamental as product and performance in efficiency and success. Unfiltered Hospitality allows clients to acquire the tools and the knowledge to feel empowered and achieve the best results. There is also an emphasis on coaching and consulting to build and develop lasting relationships that clients then cultivate with their employees and partners. Through their Beverage Consulting, Coaching and Development, and Brand Strategy services, industry professionals Jaroschy and Potts offer a quality investment that stems from a combined thirty achievement-filled years in the hospitality industry. 

How did you two meet? Tell us where your journey intersected. 

GJ: Ben and I met each other as far back as 2008 through mutual friends. I started to manage the Delano Hotel bar in 2009 and around that time Ben had started a hospitality headhunting company. He invited me out to lunch, we hit it off very well, and we became fast friends. Some years later, Ben was bartending and becoming quite good at it. He rose through Blackbird and some other places. He was leaving those places to open Beaker & Gray and I was managing Broken Shaker in Miami. I thought he needed a job for 3 months tops, and ended up working at Shaker for over a year.

How did you two become the co-creators of Unfiltered Hospitality?

GJ: During the pandemic, we had a little time on our hands. A project came up that [Ben] got and he brought me in this time. We decided that we wanted to do more work together.  

BP: We’ve both done consulting separately over the years. We saw that the traditional consulting model doesn’t always produce the desired effect. When we got first together, we were like let’s just take this on, have a couple of extra bucks in our pocket. We saw that there had to be a better way. It started with consulting and it’s something that we still do but that consulting led to a revelation that we had. That revelation was that management, and hospitality professionals in general, are severely underserved from an educational standpoint. 

What inspired you to create Unfiltered Hospitality? 

BP: We found that there is a great opportunity for us to share our experience and knowledge, from the years that we’ve had working behind bars, with those management and hospitality professionals. That led to the second arm of Unfiltered. We still have our consulting practice. We try to make it a much more comprehensive process. We’ll get into something that we called the four pillars. Every part of our business goes through the four pillars which are process, people, product, and performance. These pillars are ingrained in each of the things that we do. For the educational component, right now we have one product that helps people make better menus because the menu-making process is a nightmare. It is all over the place. If you don’t have an organizational system and you don’t set it up right or engage the team, you end up taking on all the work yourself, forgetting to do a ton of things, and being out of the product.

GJ: To a lot of people in hospitality management, it feels like a dead-end job. For me at least, when I was managing my first hotel bar, I was working my ass off six days a week to make 45,000 a year and two promotions ahead of me were my worst nightmare. At that time, I wanted to get a brand job and bartend again. At Shaker, one of a couple of things happened. One, there was a product that I was passionate about and I was working with people that I was good friends with. Two, because Shaker is such a big name, I was invited to participate in a business development program. That process was super good for me because I got to see how to balance professional and personal and how to set goals for myself to move forward. That changed my career forever because if you’re making it, you ultimately choose how fulfilling your job will be. The more you set goals and work on improving the business, you have a reason to go to work every day. 

How do you distinguish Unfiltered Hospitality from other consulting companies?

GJ: We  are set on changing the conversation, not just being paid to fix a problem and have that same problem pop up in six months. The first part of education asks how we can invest in management to where the ownership and the business get a better product but the managers themselves can have a life and see a sustainable version of a long-term career in hospitality. That’s what is exciting to us. We are still figuring out day by day to make that a reality. As Ben said, it has kind of taken its shape when we do more traditional consulting because we spend all of this time figuring out how to help people develop systems to keep things moving forward. Now, when we do consult, we approach it in a different way. We develop the team and the management to embrace the consulting and take it a step further. 

BP: It’s not something that lasts three to six months. It lasts three to six years. Not to say that the cocktail menu should last three to six years, but making sure that [management and hospitality professionals] feel empowered enough to create their own next menu. Everything that we do is with the idea and intention of making the hospitality experience better. Everything on our website is better _____ because that is the intention behind our company. We know that there is a better way. We know that we can help people get there by doing some of the work ourselves which is essentially what we are doing with consulting but then also helping them figure out their own path. We always use the term “coaching” in a lot of our materials because you have to do the work. 

Why the emphasis on education?

BP: I was very fortunate with my upbringing. I went to good schools. I was able to go to college and graduate school. I received a ton of education. Before working in hospitality, I worked in investment banking. I was in Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory for a long time. To get to that point requires training and education. When I started in hospitality in 2009, I got the standard bar back training. I didn’t get anything about what the company is about or what my role plays in the grand scheme of things. It was basically like ‘these are the tasks that you have to accomplish.’ As I progressed through the industry, I noticed that that never really changed. Even when I had experience working in smaller organizations and large hotel groups–––the training is all the same. With my experience of having so much education going into the finance industry, I was like maybe if there were better education and better training in the hospitality industry, the whole industry could get better. People could have a better experience, not 1 out of 10 times, but 5 out of 10 times which would be an incredible improvement. The lack of education was a systemic issue that we could work toward solving.  

What inspires you to create (Bar design, menus, etc.)?

GJ: Connect with people. What we try to do when we are making a menu for someone, or if we are teaching someone else to make a menu, is to understand the concept. There’s the What, Why, and How. The Why is that beautiful thing that connects with people. It is why you’re doing it in the first place. If you can make your offering near that, or best accentuate that, or tell that story…that’s what really connects with people. Shaker is such a strong brand because they get that. The Why is the same and the four properties could not be more different. There’s an outdoor bar in Miami with a garden. In Chicago, it’s indoors in a basement. But they all have the mission statement: create an extraordinary experience that connects on a personal level. Go higher with the details but make sure it connects with people personally.   

In addition to Consulting, what other services does your company provide that you would like to highlight and promote?

BP: We are very excited about the human development of hospitality professionals. We also offer Brand Strategy for companies and suppliers that are trying to launch a market. Gui and I have both been buyers for six-plus years. We have been approached by thousands of brands over the years. We have found that experience to be lackluster. We wanted to find a better way to improve a product launch. We’ll help with anything from product launches to how to enter the market in a more effective way and how to talk to buyers. We apply the four pillars to just about everything that we do. It works in Consulting. It works in Education and Coaching. It works in Brand Strategy. 

To follow Gui, Ben, and Unfiltered Hospitality’s journey or sign up for their services:

Website: https://www.unfilteredhospo.com

Instagram: @guibme, @benpottsbenpotts, and @unfilteredhospo

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Chef Michael Lewis and Steven Haigh newest concept from Scotch and Bacon restaurant group,  BUYA Izakaya + Yakitori located in Wynwood launched their new Boozy Brunch!

An Izakaya, is a type of informal Japanese bar that serves alcoholic drinks and street food. Izakayas are casual places for after-work-socializing. They have been compared to irish pubs, tapas bars and saloons. 

BUYA is a very visually fun restaurant, a mix of Japanese street food with a Wynwood vibe with a hidden cocktail/eatery den. 

Buya Brunch Cocktails

The new opening times will be 11am until 4pm Saturday and Sunday and it will be offering delicious BOOZY DRANKS such as Rising Sun Spritz  a mix of Strawberries sous vide Cappelletti, Yuzu, Soda  and Bubbles, Fuji Sangria, a mix of Fuji Apple infused Bushido Sake, Fino Sherry, Peach Bitters, Yuzu Juice, Orange Juice, Vanilla Simple and Soda. Buya also offers a Detox Cocktail option with Carrots, Celery, Apples, Ginger and Turmeric and an unlimited $25  24th Street Mimosas prepared with Bushido Sake, Orange Juice or Peach Puree. 

Starring their Brunch menu, make sure to order some food to go along your drinks, you can’t miss the Wagyu Steak + Fried Egg ($24) Yuzu Kosho, Wasabi, Salt, and their unique Sweet Potato Hash ($10) Buya Brunch 4Photo Credit FoodShootsDan

BUYA BOOZY BRUNCH HOURS: 11am – 4pm Saturdays and Sundays

Address: 250 NW 24th St, Miami, FL 33127

Instagram: @buya.wynwood

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“If routine is killing your creativity, here’s your fuel. If you’re at the edge of a burnout, here’s your escape. If you want to reinvent yourself, here’s your chance.”

For those at COW-ORK, life is about finding balance. According to COW-ORK CEO Andrea Magni, the company introduces an “alternative idea of co-working that turns unused areas and/or slow working hours of restaurants, hotels, bars and more into co-working spaces.” This transformation allows freelancers, students, and home-workers to thrive in productive, shared spaces at an affordable price. COW-ORK also aims to address the concern of unfavorable working environments that are uninspiring, overwhelming, and expensive. “We strive to build a world where work, life, and leisure are strictly connected,” explained Magni. “COW-ORK provides a stress-free environment where ideas overflow, allowing cow-orkers to be hard-workers while still maintaining a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. ”  Unlike traditional workspaces, COW-ORK values giving freelancers and creatives a space that does not resemble the standard office environment. COW-ORK offers creative options to inspire and empower individuals who crave an exciting alternative to dreary, exhaustive routines. 

As an entrepreneur himself, Magni got the idea for COW-ORK after he frequented one of his favorite lunch spots. He found himself diligently working while he ate scrumptious dishes, sowing the seed of COW-ORK. He realized the value of cultivating a new fresh experience in every workday. Now, with his company, Freelancers, students, and creatives may enjoy a similar experience. These individuals may choose to work at the same venue or choose new places to complete tasks and actualize their goals. They may also thrive off the flexibility, liberty, and wonder that a traditional office space cannot reproduce. “A big part of our mission is also to help professionals and venues both socially and economically during these hard times, bringing affordable prices and exposure to the table,” shared Magni. “Our dream is to expand all over the world and offer a taste of freedom and inspiration to whoever wishes for more (than four walls, a desk, and a chair).” 

IMG 6878

After spending more than a year battling a global pandemic, the idea of more than four walls seems invaluable and enticing to anyone looking to break free of the confines of their typical routines. Fortunately, COW-ORK boasts a price that is hard to beat. “Our monthly membership only costs $89 per month, which is very competitive compared to any other co-working space in the city,” said Magni. “ It gives you access to all of our locations, discounts, Wi-fi, and events. When you apply to any other co-working space, it costs you more than $200, and you are restricted only to that place…but I guess they give you free water or kombucha.” It is also important to note that the $89 fee per month includes a free week trial with no financial commitment. COW-ORK proposes an early membership that is only $499 and allows buyers to save more than 50% of the yearly value.

In every partnering venue, there is Fiber-Fast Wi-fi that COW-ORK employees personally install. There is also an up to 30% discount on food and beverages. Despite COVID-19 limitations, COW-ORK offers unique events and a strong community of creatives, entrepreneurs, and independent workers who value making meaningful connections.  “We believe that brains are stimulated by exciting social interactions and the well-being of both body and mind. Such synergy will elevate human performance to a new level and eventually bring wonderful ideas to life,” said Magni. At COW-ORK, people will not necessarily share the same work perspectives, but they sure will share a way of living.”

To sign up for COW-ORK and find out more, visit

Facebook  //Coworkommunity

Instagram @Cow_ork

LinkedIn //Cow-ork 

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