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Edumar Shantal, originally from Venezuela, is passionate about the world of cocktails. 11 years ago, Shantal came to the United States with the desire to become a bartender. Born with the gift of a developed sense of smell and taste, and with the desire to start a successful business, Shantal decided to begin her path in the hospitality industry through mixology. Embarking on this entrepreneurial path has inspired her to create her own business, Shadu Mixology, which reflects her unique, natural gifts as well as the hard-earned skills of her craft.

How did you begin your career in mixology?

Initially, mixology was not very recognized in the world of cocktails, but it always caught my attention. I was born with a defect which I now consider a gift. It allows me to just smell something and know how it tastes. My gift gives me a better ability to mix.

I came to Miami in 2009. I saw the movie Coyote Ugly and thought, ‘I want to do that!’ As soon as I arrived, I started working as a waitress where I learned all the basics. From then on,  I had my own concept of creating personalized drinks for artists, with their smells, flavors, and textures. This was how I became known in the city. I have worked in more than 50 sites around Miami, which has allowed me to see how the handling of the bars works, how problems are solved, and that everything is functional and fast to sell. As an architect, I like to know the structure, organization, functionality of things, logistics, etc. I always wanted to create bars that work better and more efficiently.

Was there a mentor that inspired you to become a Mixologist?

Yes, definitely. Christian Delpech was my mentor and inspiration. He was introduced to me by a Mixologist friend and when I learned his story, I was truly surprised. I was interested in doing Flair for a moment, but my thing is flavors so I went for mixology. Then I met Johnatan Mejias and we instantly clicked. He and Christian have been my teachers and inspiration to this day.

How did Shantal the Bartender become an entrepreneur and create her own business, Shaduu Mixology?

In many situations, I had managers and bosses who did not treat the staff well and the bars were not functional. I always thought that they could not lead this way and hope to get good results from their employees. They do not seek to enhance the skills of their employees or motivate them to provide good service and feel comfortable in their work. This is one of the reasons for poor service in Miami. It was until I met Ivan Fuentes. when I worked in La Victoria that I really knew what a good manager was. We all worked happily with him. We all respected him. The work was more effective. When I created the Shaduu staff, I wanted to create a team that felt valued, motivated, rewarded, and respected. I had an idea to create mobile bars. I wanted them to not only look good but also work well. These bars created incredible cocktails and at the same time offered work to people at events. It gives me personal satisfaction knowing that people wanted to work with me and that they supported my concept. Shaduu is my most precious creation because it allowed me to help people while offering a great service, and it also translated to happy customers.

What is Shaduu Mixology?

Shaduu, the cocktail experience, began in 2017 aimed at events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, first communions, etc. Shaduu is present and available throughout Miami and Broward for any celebration that needs a bartender to serve liquor. We have held two events in Orlando because there is no such service there, even here this concept is not very developed.

Shaduu Mixology offers different services. They could be detailed as:

Shaduu Events: Wedding, Birthdays, Corporate Events.

Shaduu Academy: Online Masterclasses on basic bartender courses and courses for wedding / party planners where attendees learn to price the liquor and how to assemble the bars.

Shaduu Kids: Frozen drinks, smoothies, etc. for Kid’s parties, Baby Showers, Gender Reveal parties, First Communions. 

Shaduu Energy: Mocktails or tea for holistic events, fitness, yoga, and wellness. 

Shaduu Consulting: Consulting for bars, drinks, beverage bars programs, etc.

Shantal 2 Shantal 12 Shantal 14

How did COVID-19 affect you personally and professionally?

It affected me 100%. On a personal level, I was at home locked up for four months. I just started working three weeks ago. Professionally, it obviously affected the business because you can’t do any kind of event. It has been a big challenge, but I have been able to survive. So far Shaduu is closed, but I still have expenses such as storage, insurance, taxes, keeping the registry activated, etc. I had to use my savings to keep everything up to date. I went back to work to handle my financial responsibilities.

Has being in Miami positively influenced your entrepreneurial efforts or did being here challenge your business pursuits? 

Miami has been the bridge that I use to carry out everything I set out to do. I am grateful for having started here and I feel that it opened all the doors for me. I have been able to achieve everything by being here.

What do you like to do in your spare time? Tell us about your hobbies.

I love going to the beach, running, eating well, and resting. I really like where I am working, Kuba Cabana. I think that Esotico is wonderful. You feel like you’re on vacation. Barton G also has a spectacular bar and is quite an experience. I like to go to Sweet Liberty for its mixology. I totally recommend Switzerland too.

What drink would you recommend when visiting Kuba Cabana?

I suggest you try the Melon toast, a sweet, refreshing drink with Toast Vodka, lime juice, simple syrup and muddle watermelon, and the Diablo Maracuya, a Mezcal based spicy cocktail with Vida Mezcal, passion fruit, muddle lemon, sugar and the
Spice of jalapeño
. And you can’t get wrong with the signature drink: Mojitos!

Shantal 15

Melon Toast

What are your next projects?

My main project is to reactivate Shaduu, but I have a separate project as well. I want to take My Tea Bar to Hawaii and open a franchise there where I can work with teas and Tiki cocktails based on tea.

I also have another project in mind: to present bartenders and their drinks worldwide through a reality show.

What is the best way to contact you?


Email: shaduuoficial@gmail.com

Phone number: (365) 967-1119


** Images by @Blazinvisual

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The Highly Anticipated Tequila Herradura Aniversario Hits Shelves Soon!

There is no better way to celebrate Tequila Herradura’s 150th anniversary than with a brand new beautiful bottle of aged tequila. The forthcoming Tequila Herradura Aniversario is a limited-release tequila from Tequila Herradura and it is a subtle, complex, and sophisticated addition to the beloved brand. With its elegance and unique taste, Tequila Herradura Aniversario represents Herradura’s long-standing tradition of remarkable tequila that boasts unparalleled attention to detail, quality, and innovation. 


The recipe and production of the handcrafted tequila have never been compromised. The Herradura Tequila has been done the same way for 150 years because Herradura respects and honors what their elders did back in 1870. The brand has evolved by improving the package and by paying close attention to the tequila’s aging process.  In a conversation with 2ozMag, Global Ambassador Ruben Aceves said, “It’s not about trying to create new things every other week or every other month. You have to respect the tequila as it is.” 


Consumers love Tequila Herradura because the brand has never changed. “People don’t like falling in love with something and the next time you try it, it isn’t the same,” said Aceves. Consumers value a brand that they can trust and a brand that remains true to its origins. Herradura’s 100% natural Tequila persists because its creators create amazing products and continue to respect the brand’s humble beginnings. The relationship between tequila Herradura and its consumers is one founded on trust and respect as well as a mutual admiration of tequila. 


Throughout its history, the award-winning and environmentally conscious Tequila Herradura has been a step ahead of the industry. Herradura’s innovation cements its legacy and success as a brand. It was Casa Herradura that created the first Reposado, the first Extra-Añejo and the first ready to drink tequila in a can. 


According to Aceves, “Tequila Herradura changed the entire perception of Añejo tequila back in 1995 when we launched the first Extra-Añejo aged in forty-nine months. No one had ever done that before. We created a new expression of tequila because we had only Blanco, Reposado, Añejo and that was it. There was nothing else. Just like Cognac which has VSOP and XO meaning ‘extra old,’ we decided tequila should have something like that. We created the first Extra-Añejo and it’s an amazing sipping tequila.” 


It is no surprise that Herradura applied the same innovation, appreciation, and dedication to celebrating Herradura’s 150th anniversary. “We decided to experiment and come up with something very unique,” said Aceves about the development of the new tequila. The 100-month endeavor took a lot of time and required many tastings throughout the process. It was important to find out the tequila’s evolution in the barrel to ensure the product’s top-notch quality and superior flavor. There was also a risk factor to consider. “Going longer doesn’t always make a better tequila,” admitted Aceves, “so we had to be very careful.” After 100 months, Herradura ended up with an amazing tequila that was aged in white American oak barrels toasted and charred.  The quality of the tequila proved Aceves’ observation that “time does beautiful things.”


In addition to its phenomenal taste, Tequila Herradura’s bottle reflects the quality of the liquor inside of it. It is a beautiful bottle that comes in elegant blue packaging. The color blue represents the blue Weber agave that is used to make tequila. Aceves noted that the blue combined well with the golden lettering on the bottle. Speaking of both the bottle’s presentation and the anniversary it honored, Aceves insisted, “It’s a golden date. It’s a golden celebration.” 


Although the bottle is a sight to behold, Aceves assures that Herradura is “not in the business of selling beautiful bottles.” For other brands, beautiful bottles take precedent over what is within the container. This has never been the case for Tequila Herradura. Casa Herradura primarily concerns itself with the container’s contents. It just so happens that Tequila Herradura Aniversario has a bottle that also communicates its sophistication. Aceves added, “We are not trying to engage people with tequila only because of the bottle. But in this case, if we have to design a beautiful bottle. Our bottles are always outstanding. They stand out on the shelves, and this one will do the same. Look at the color of the tequila. It is very dark, but it is a natural dark. There is no caramel color added. It is just what the barrel produces for the tequila over the months.”


The Tequila Herradura Aniversario is set for a limited release. Only about 2,000 cases will hit shelves so consumers should be on the lookout at their local liquor stores in Mexico and the United States (cases will be allocated to nine key states-Florida included!). Keep in mind that the Tequila Herradura Aniversario is an after-dinner delight. “You can enjoy it with a cigar if you want to,” suggested Aceves, “and maybe a very exquisite dessert.” However, the drink is best served neat and consumed without a food pairing. “We nailed it, because it is an outstanding tequila,” said Aceves with a smile. “You can fall in love with it.”




Ruben Aniversario 2Screen Shot 2020 09 15 at 10.04.36 AM


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Will Estrada - The Joker Bartender

Bartender and Consultant Will Estrada, also known as The Joker Bartender, is dependable, resilient, and collaborative. Estrada’s ability to adapt under pressure, step up when he is needed most, and work with a team has played a crucial role in his life and his career. Having worked in bars and restaurants with toxic working environments, Estrada thrives at Groot Hospitality which boasts a passionate, supportive, and encouraging team of professionals. As both a bartender and consultant, Estrada approaches his job with a fun attitude. He not only wants to have a good time but he also wants to make sure that everyone who tries his delicious, creative cocktails has a great experience too!

What was your initial reaction to Miami’s hospitality industry? How did this reaction change over time?

When I started in Miami, I hated bartending. It was horrendous. I stopped bartending and got a busser/ runner/server jobs––anything to avoid getting behind the bar. One day, I was working at a restaurant and they opened a new pool bar but none of the bartenders showed up. They went partying. The manager put me in charge of the bar. I had no idea what to do. Then, I ended up staying at the pool bar and it was fun. It was nice to talk to people, meet people, and make drinks. By that time, I didn’t drink alcohol. I only followed a recipe. I didn’t have my first drink of liquor until I was 25. I got an opportunity to work at Fontainebleau’s service bar. When I left there, I started getting into craft cocktails and read about craft cocktails. I learned about wine and became a sommelier. I then worked in management and learned that bartending was more than making drinks behind a bar. I was doing what a chef would do. I was mixing flavors. 

Where else did you bartend in Miami?

I got a chance to open a place on West Avenue. It was the first full bar that I took care of. It was a challenge. It was a huge bar in a restaurant with around three hundred seats. I had no idea what I was doing. They told me they needed a new cocktail menu and I had to come up with it. That was fun. People ended up liking my drinks. I got into it. I read a lot of books. At some point, I got decent enough to run places. I worked at Repour. It was a local cocktail bar.  I got to work with a great team. They had the most imaginative craft cocktails there. When I started there was a whole new team of bartenders, the three of us came up with the menu and that menu was probably the best that I ever made.  

Willy Estrada 3Willy Estrada 5Willy Estrada 7

What inspired you to become a bar consultant?

I started helping out with some bars. I did the menus and helped with their training. I liked the creative part. I like coming up with cocktails. I got really into consulting in multiple bars. I would go into hotels and look at their cocktail programs. I would look at twelve bar restaurants. That’s how my consulting started. 

You call yourself “The Joker Bartender”. What inspired this name?

Since I was a kid, I loved The Joker.  I watched all the cartoons and I first saw The Joker in a comic book. I saw the comic and read the story. What I like about The Joker is not the same as The Joker everyone sees now: crazy, narcissist, murder. The original Joker was meant to be a one time character.  He was supposed to be a villain that died or disappeared. People saw him as a nobody but fans loved him so much that he became iconic. I always thought that this guy was meant to be nothing but he became one of the most iconic characters in comics. I don’t see him as a villain but that is a different story…I admired his journey. I got a tattoo of him on my arm because it reminds me of the struggles that I had as a kid. Coming to Miami was hard too and now I am in a better position than I was when I started. Also, I have The Joker on my arm. A lot of people would tag me as “the Joker Bartender” on social media and the name stuck.

What does it mean for you to be working with Groot Hospitality? What values do you share with the company?

I have worked with the company for a while. I like that Groot Hospitality is not just telling you to come to have a meal and go home. We’re all about coming to have a meal and to stay with us. You have a drink, you enjoy the music and you have a great time. We like creating an environment that you want to stay in.  You see that every staff member loves being here. It’s always fun. We have a lot of energy. We are not a stuck up company that might be doing it for the glory or that might not care if anyone else is struggling. From the owners to management, everybody has the same wants and goals. I’ve enjoyed it so far and that’s why I’m still here. 

What are your favorite aspects of the job?

I have always admired Chefs. It’s impressive what they do with food. They’ll list the ingredients and it will be these amazing flavors that I have never tried in my life. Bartenders are doing what a Chef does: we play with flavors. I started thinking less about making people drunk and more about giving people a product that they would love. I wanted to give them something they wanted to sip, enjoy, and love. I don’t want to be just the guy who pours shots but the guy who makes something original, something that excites people when they come to the bar. 

You have worked with Komodo, Swan, and other restaurants. How did you come up with the beverage list of each restaurant? How did you make these lists unique?

I like playing around with the Chef. I try to know what they are doing in the kitchen. You’ll see me in the kitchen asking questions. I like to taste whatever they have there. I’m the guy with the Snoopy face hanging around and trying to try everything. I want to understand what the chef is doing so I can do a cocktail that you can pair with a meal. It’s like having a glass of wine and steak or fish. It’s the same with a cocktail. Why can’t you pair a cocktail with food? Because I had the chance to work with a few celebrity chefs and have enjoyed working with them, I started seeing what flavors work in a cocktail. 

If you had your own drink, bar, or business, what would it be like and why?

I call my home bar “The Clown Den” so that’s probably what my bar would be. I’ve always wanted to have a nice craft tail bar. A little speakeasy. Nothing huge. I would probably have ten seats at the bar and a couple of tables. I’ve always wanted my own bar and someday, I hope I get one. 

How may we follow your journey? Do you have any social media accounts or websites that you would like to share?

Instagram: @the_clown_den and @will_e_artpag

**All images by @blazinvisualz

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by intelprise

Enjoy a Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège spin on this fresh springtime cocktail. It adds a gourmet twist to an already fresh, zesty concoction. Fresh berries add that certain je ne sais quoi


1.5 oz Hennessy VS

.5 oz Fresh Lemon Juice

4-5 Blackberries or any other berry will work

.5 oz Simple syrup

1 dash of Cassis, Chambord or another berry liqueur

Garnish: twist of Lemon

Glass: Rocks


Muddle berries in the bottom of a shaker tin and add all ingredients with ice.  Shake until chilled and strain into a rocks glass with crushed ice.  Splash cassis over the top and garnish with lemon twist and a few blackberries.

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Samantha Warren and Vianca Arias – Thirsty Bartenders

In addition to having the same birthday, Content Creators Samantha Warren and Vianca Arias bond over their energetic and positive approach to life, a love of creation, and a natural appreciation for entrepreneurship. This duo is so connected that they share a mind for business and the wherewithal to actualize their ambitious goals as a team. From bartending side by side to creating Thirsty Bartenders, there is little that these two women cannot do when given the time, space, and resources to deliver fresh, exciting content to over 38,000 followers. 

How did you two meet? What’s the story of Samantha and Vianca?

SW: We met in 2012 at a little Mexican bar called Tijuana Taxi Co. I started there as a server and worked my way up as a bartender. Vianca started as a hostess. She became a server and then a bartender.  I trained Vianca and showed her how to bartend. We’ve been working together ever since.

VA: After Tijuana, we decided to go to South Beach. We’ve been working together ever since we started at Tijuana taxi which is fun. Samantha has been my mentor ever since I met her. She has always been someone that I looked up to. She has this entrepreneurial mindset which I’ve always had. In high school, I would always say that I wanted to own my own business one day and do my own thing. 

What inspired you to start Thirsty Bartenders?

VA: Samantha and I would always talk about her ideas and when she told me about Thirsty Bartenders I thought, Damn, I want to do that! That sounds like fun! I want to hop in with you. That’s how Thirsty Bartenders was born. She had the idea and she invited me to join her. I was on board.

SW: We had such good chemistry behind the bar so we just decided to make a business out of our chemistry. 

How did you come up with the name “Thirsty Bartenders”?

SW: We thought of terms that were related to drinking. There were so many names that we went through. There is a website that you can go on and see if the name is available. “Thirsty Bartenders” was available across all platforms and it’s fun and flirty. 

VA: We tried so many names. I remember being behind the bar and going over a million names like “Barmaid” and “Missologist”. Then, we said no we’re bartenders and what’s a fun adjective? Thirsty and super fun. It’s playful. It’s risqué and you’re like what is “Thirsty Bartenders”?

What is the purpose/goal of Thirsty Bartenders?

SW: We love making people laugh. Humor has always been a big part of our relationship and how we are as bartenders. We’re fun and we love to bring that fun, bubbly laughter to other people. We want to entertain people. Another goal that we have is to eventually help other bartenders get jobs. We have yet to implement it but this is our future goal.

What are your favorite aspects of doing Thirsty Bartenders?

SW: My favorite aspect of the job is being creative. There is a lot that goes into it when we make our videos and cocktails. We have to figure out what goes well with making beautiful cocktails. 

VA: I would have to say the same. I love creating the cocktails and tasting it. The whole process is fun because we both get together and we’re like what goes good with what.  Then, we get to the other creative side which is how do we make it look pretty in front of a camera which is also a lot of fun. 

What are some challenges of doing Thirsty Bartenders?

SW: Some challenges that we have experienced doing Thirsty Bartenders are getting familiar with the camera (knowing the right type of lighting, and the right camera settings). Thankfully, I have my boyfriend who is also a videographer and who helps us. 

What brands have you worked with and what draws you to them?

SW: We have created content for our platform as well as for brands as well. We’ve worked closely with Twang Beer Salt which is based out of Texas. We fell in love with their product and they saw our video. We’ve been connected ever since.  We’ve worked with Twang and another brand that we hold close to our hearts which is Fifty States Vodka. We work with them and they are a beautiful brand. They represent a lot of the same beliefs that we do as far as on their website they represent the LGBTQ community and all races and beliefs are important to them as they are to us. They are a beautiful brand that we love working with. 

VA: Fifty States Vodka is based in Florida which we are also obsessed with. 

How have your followers influenced your craft?

SW: We sometimes make cocktails that are specific to some of our followers. For example, we have a follower that has been close to us from the beginning. We know that she loves Ciroc, watermelon cocktails so we made a Ciroc watermelon frozé for her.  That was a good cocktail and she loved it. We loved it. We have been building similar relationships with our followers. 

VA: Our followers inspire us when we’re creating cocktails. Sometimes we are inspired by other things but we love getting inspiration from our followers and doing what they want to see. We ask them what do you want us to make? Give us ideas!

What are your favorite drinks to make? Why?

SW: I haven’t made this in a while but I used to love re-creating candy bar flavor drinks. They were almost nostalgic when you tasted them you were like ‘Oh my God, yes!’ They would taste like a Milky Way or an Almond Joy…That used to be fun for me and layers cocktails are fun to make. They are eye-catching and people like to drink them.

Do you have any remarkable opportunities/ stories that have happened because of Thirsty Bartenders? If so, what are some of these experiences?

SW: The biggest opportunity that we had because of Thirsty Bartenders so far has been getting noticed by Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson. He reposted us on his Instagram and from that we’ve been acknowledged by many other brands. 

Thirsty Bartenders 4Thirsty Bartenders 14Thirsty Bartenders 9

How has COVID-19 affected you personally and professionally?

VA: Quarantine has been a blessing in disguise. For us, we needed the time to focus on Thirsty Bartenders because before we were working two jobs and doing Thirsty on the side. We both lost our jobs, we were working at the same job, and then we went gung-ho on Thirsty. Ever since a lot of cool things have happened and there’s been a momentum. Quarantine was the push that we needed. 

What, if anything, do you hope a Post COVID-19 Word resembles for you as a person and as a member of the hospitality industry?

SW: I hope it is similar to what we are doing now. We want to keep creating content and keep the ball rolling with this so the dollars start rolling in. I love bartender but working on our own thing is the dream. We want this to take off and to be financially stable by just creating content.   

What kind of services do Thirsty Bartenders offer?

VA:  If you need any sort of content creation with your brand and, if it involves alcohol or syrups that’s what we do. We create content for brands. If you have a brand that you need content for, hit us up! 

SW: We do have virtual events. We do lives on Instagram. We like to create content that is specific for brands, especially in the bar industry.  

To contact Samantha/Vianca or follow Thirsty Bartender’s journey:

Instagram: @thirstybartenders, @SammyThirsty, @ThirstyVee

Website: www.thirstybartenders.com

thistybar scaled
Image by Blazin Visualz
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Woodford Reserve Celebrates Female Bartenders

Singer, Entrepreneur, and Actress Rihanna once said, “there’s something so special about a woman who dominates in a man’s world. It takes a certain grace, strength, intelligence, fearlessness, and the nerve to never take no for an answer.” In the same way, it takes a group of strong, resilient professional women to succeed in a diminishing industry and to participate in its highly-anticipated revival. Because of the current state of the industry, it is all the more commendable that Woodford Reserve Miami Brand Ambassador Natalia Cardenas celebrates and empowers female bartenders to succeed despite the hardship caused by the global pandemic.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first female Jockey, Cardenas is currently organizing a trade-focused program that will feature five female bartenders and support Woodford’s industry partners during the age of Coronavirus. This year’s inspiration for Woodford Reserve’s Kentucky Derby’s annual $1,000 Mint Julep Cup will honor the first female jockey, Diane Crumb. At 20 years old, Crumb raced her thoroughbred horse Fathom into history. The honored bartenders include Meghan Wright (Beverage Consultant and Secretary of the Palm Beach Chapter of the United States Bartenders Guild), Shauna O’neil (Head Bartender of Sweet Liberty), Maria Pottage (Beverage Director of Leku) Kyshali Ramirez (Apothecary 330), and Sarah Sims (Stripsteak at the Fontainebleau Hotel). The focus on these impressive women legitimizes their hard work, dedication, and impressive skill set as well as reveals an appreciation for female professionals in a male-dominated industry. By highlighting these phenomenally talented women, Cardenas demonstrates the necessity of women in bars and supports an industry that was hard hit by the global pandemic. 

Headed by Cardenas, the team associated with this endeavor is made by and for women. This past Tuesday, September 1st, Andrea Stevens shot portraits of the female bartenders who will be featured with the 1K Mint Julep Cup. Stevens is a seasoned member of the hospitality industry who became a full-time photographer during the pandemic. According to the event coordinators, after the event, the 1k Mint Julep cup will be donated to the Pursue Happiness Foundation. This foundation is a “ Hospitality Industry-focused charity that recently launched in Miami in honor of John Lermayer.” Lermayer was a “foundational hospitality figure in South Florida, and partner of Sweet Liberty, one of the World’s 50 best bars.”

Cardenas will also offer a tasting/cocktail demo so that the bartenders can auction off the total experience to get the $1,000 prize (or more) in the future. 

Follow the recipe for this traditional cocktail at home to join in on the fun:

mint julep

The Diane Crump $1,000 Mint Julep


●2oz Woodford Reserve Bourbon

●3/4oz blackberry simple syrup (a nod to the blue/turquoise silks worn by Crump in 1970)

●1 bar spoon Woodford Reserve Mint Julep Syrup

●Mint sprig & Virginia BlueBell flowers to garnish (Ky Mint to celebrate Derby and Virginia flowers to honor Crump’s current home)


Pour in bourbon, blackberry syrup, mint syrup, crushed ice. Mix until frost forms on the outside of the julep cup. Add your mint sprig & flower garnish, top with more crushed ice


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